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Sure, I sense Voxan's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Nobody PC
Kana ヴォクサン (Vokusan)
Number I
Title The Superior of Rebirth
Weapon Ethereal Blades; Arrowguns
Attribute Nothingness; Space
Original name Masato Indou
Original PC Ovan
Battle Theme Disappeared

Voxan, the Superior of Rebirth (復活の優れた, Fukkatsu no Sugure Ta), is the Nobody PC of Ovan and is rank I among them. He controls Nothingness and Space, and wields Ethereal Blades and Arrowguns. He is the leader of the Nobody PCs, with all others under his control.


Ovan was infected with AIDA<TriEdge> for a period of nine months. The infection was purged from his system when he was defeated by Haseo for the last time and the Rebirth was activated. From this, Voxan was born, truly the final Nobody PC, stripped of nearly all emotion.


Voxan retains many of Ovan's features, but his eyes become amber and his hair grows to shoulder length and his bangs curl outward, giving him an appearance similar to Xemnas. He wears the standard Organization XIII Black Coat.


Voxan is the Xemnas of the Nobody PCs; truly emotionless and without remorse. He speaks with calmness and deep authority.


  • "If the Rebirth can cleanse an online game...think what it can do...on the outside."
  • "I prefer it if my Other sleeps. That way, his power will remain mine."
  • "First you spurn AIDA - Darkness. Now you spurn us Nobodies - Nothing. Will your hatred never cease?"
  • "We have met before...have we not?"
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