Volver a la Vida
(復活する Fukkatsu suru)
Volver a la Vida
"A weapon representing the wings of a costly freedom."
Strength Magic
+4 +6
Xaelus/Saule (after reunion)
Second Chance
Obtain after recruiting Xelak during the Prologue.

Volver a la Vida (復活する Fukkatsu suru; literally "To Return to life") is a powerful magic-based Keyblade that Xaelus recieves from Xelak after originally recruiting him. It has an angular, rectangle-based guard and a straight, blade like shaft. Its teeth resemble a blade-feathered wing.

After Saule reuinites with Xaelus, he can also use this keychain.


  • The Volver a la Vida's granted ability is ironic because Xelak died after taking massive damage (or rather giving it out in the form of negative damage, which would be health) and Second Chance assures 1 HP after taking massive damage.
  • This Keyblade's Keychain is also the symbol the Deathhead Coalition use to identify themselves in Kingdom Hearts Legacy: The Coalition Chronicles Expansion.
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