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Violet The Seedrian is a small alien girl who witnessed her family's near destruction at the hands of the Metarex. She is timid and shy, but very smart, like her older sister Galaxina.


Violet has two outfits in Sonic's Reality Check.

Chapter 21

  • Red-and-white petal-like dress
  • Two orange-red flowers coming out of the sides of her head
  • Yellow gem

Chapter 26

  • Only major difference is that her hair turns into a human-specific blonde color


Violet has a very timid personality, and is sometimes afraid to speak her word for fear she may get injured. Despite her frail appearance and naturally timid personality, she also has an unwavering will to help her friends, to which nothing can break.

Violet's Role

Full role coming soon


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  • Violet is based off a character from the Sonic X canon, but her canon counterpart's name is never revealed.
  • A minor factual contradiction in Chapter 26 of SRC occurred when Starla was shown going with Galaxina to Nick's home, but when they got there, Violet appeared. It can be safely assumed Violet was intended to go and Starla's pseudo-human transformation was a mere typo.
  • The gem on Violet's chest gives her the power to temporarily control the weather.
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