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Village Just
(ヴィラジュジャスト Viraju Jasuto)
"The very heart of Muramasa.
Its blade resonates with his sorrow."
Strength Magic
+10 +10
Hooked Tapeworm
Defeat the Muramasa Sentiment

Village Just is a Keyblade wielded by Flintlass in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. It is obtained after Flintlass defeats the Muramasa Sentiment, and is considered her strongest Keyblade.


The Village Just has a rather basic design; its shaft and hilt are composed of a katana with purple stitching. The guard is the guard of Muramasa's Zanpakutō, albeit enlarged and rotated so it lies parallel with the hilt. The teeth consists of the glowing purple symbol featured on Muramasa's attire. The Keychain token is the same, however it is longer, darker and does not glow. Its name is derived from the translation of Muramasa's name.


Village Just's exclusive ability, Hooked Tapeworm (フックテープワーム, Fukku Tēpuwāmu), focuses on the use of combo finishers. When a combo finisher is initiated, Village Just glows with a bright purple light and engulfs a certain radius. Any enemies within that radius during the combo finisher become stunned for an undetermined amount of time. The name of the ability is based on Muramasa's secondary ability, Yūkōjōchū Muramasa, and the ability itself is based on Muramasa's foremost ability.

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