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Village Hidden in Illusion
Origin Fan-Made (Naruto)
Party Member Tomo Homota
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The Village Hidden in Illusion is an area in the fan-series Avastar: Kingdom Hearts. Its setting is based off of the series Naruto, but is not canon in that story.


The Village Hidden in Illusion is one of the Ninja Villages, similar to those seen in Ninja Lands. This Village is completely disguised by illusion, only visible when breaking it, as Owen and Stella did with their Keyblades. The Gate is the entrance to the Village. The threshold itself is a large metal gate, and, upon passing through it, the Village becomes visible. Past the gate is the Town, which is a street full of small buildings and shops.

The Village is not stationary. It will move to a different, random location every now and again. The Village remains stationary after Bradley Millar purges the Village, wiping out most of its inhabitants and ultimately destroying everything.


In the center of the Village is the Castle, which is very tall and also rendered unseen through the illusion. The Castle itself is the source of the Village's power. The Leader of the Village resides in this castle, and, after the village is destroyed, T inhabits it. At the top of the Castle is the Castle: Dream Room, where the village's illusionist spell is cast. A single, large, circular window overlooks the room bearing the village's symbol.

Prior to the village's destruction, almost everything is in ruins, including the mighty Castle. The front doors leading to the Castle: Entryway are blocked, however, a whole in the side of the wall leads to the Castle: Waterway, from which the Castle can be entered.

During the Last Day, in the destroyed entryway, a new passageway is opened, leading down to Castle: T's Study. Further on lies the Castle: Chamber of Sleep, where the comatose Stella rests. The name of the latter chamber is an allusion to the Chamber of Repose, the room where Ventus sleeps in Kingdom Hearts canon.


After the player completes a scenario, a hole in the Waterway area leads deep down into the Dream Caverns. The Dream Caverns are a maze of tunnels and passageways containing very powerful enemies. At the end of the tunnel lies a very powerful boss, a boss which defeating grants you a rare synthesis material needed to create Ultima Weapon.

During the Final Day, the passageway is blocked with rocks, making the area inaccessible, making it impossible to synthesize Ultima Weapon during the Final Day if they do not have all of the materials needed at hand.


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  • Keisuke Homota
  • Umi Homota
  • Ukimaru Homota
  • Professor Homota


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