Romaji Baba
Japanese VAVA
Origin Mega Man X (1993)
Alias VAVA Fett
Type Reploid / Maverick
Role Villain
Home World Earth
Weapon Various, including a shoulder mounted cannon
Attribute Various
Status Resurrected
English Voice Roger Rhodes
Japanese Voice Hiroshi Shimozaki
Vile / VAVA is a violently insane Reploid who used to be a member of the Maverick Hunters and was ranked S-A Class in Sigma's 17th Elite Unit prior to his commander's rebellion against humanity. He also has a severe hatred for Mega Man X.


  • Vile's physical appearance in the Mega Man X games was styled after Boba Fett from Star Wars. His name, however, was actually derived from Bubba Zanetti from Mad Max.
  • Vile's new appearance in Superhero Keyblade Wars takes on physical traits from Jagi from Fist of the North Star, with a color scheme inspired by the Marvel villain Crossbones. Fittingly, both Vile and Jagi are insane criminals who have a serious grudge against Mega Man X and Kenshiro respectively. They even both have a large fat guy for a bodyguard.

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