Victory Robo
Origin Kyukyu Sentai GoGo V (1999)
Alias Lightspeed Megazord
Type Robot
Role Summon
Home World Earth
Weapon Braver Sword
Attribute Plus Energy
Status Active
Victory Robo is the main giant robot of the GoGo V.
Victory Robo ~ Lightspeed Megazord


  • Red Ladder- Go Red's 99Machine, a ladder truck, which forms Victory Robo's arms and body.
  • Blue Thrower- Go Blue's 99Machine, a chemical fire truck which forms Victory Robo's hips and thighs and Victory Walker's body
  • Green Hover- Go Green's 99Machine, a hovercraft, which forms Victory Robo's head and back.
  • Yellow Armor- Go Yellow's 99Machine, an armored truck, which forms Victory Robo and Victory Walker's left leg.
  • Pink Aider- Go Pink's 99Machine, an ambulance, which forms Victory Robo and Victory Walker's right leg.

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