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Origin Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (2010)
Alias Ven
Role Ally
Age 15 (should be 27 but has not aged due to being inside Sora's heart)
Home World The Land of Departure
Weapon Wayward Wind
Status Alive
"You used me once, but never again!"
—Ventus, when confronted by Master Xehanort.

Ventus, from The Land of Departure, is the best friend of Terra and Aqua; the main objective behind Aqua's journey twelve years ago was to bring Ventus back to the Land of Departure. She ultimately failed, and he lost his heart to Vanitas and the darkness.

Journal Entries

First Entry

Twelve years ago, Ventus, commonly known as Ven, left the Land of Departure after Terra. Fighting his way through worlds, he followed Terra's path and eventually met up with Terra and Aqua - after a brief meeting in Radiant Garden - in the Keyblade Graveyard, where Master Xehanort revealed his plan to use Ventus to forge the X-blade. Ventus fought valiantly against Vanitas and won, but lost his heart to the Darkness. Eventually, the wandering heart joined with Sora's.

Second Entry

Years ago, Ventus was a pawn in Master Xehanort's plan to create the X-blade. Ventus fought against Vanitas and won, but lost his heart to the Darkness in the process. Now, his heeart and body reunited, he joins Terra and Aqua in the fight to save Radiant Garden from Maleficent. However, Ventus can't help but notice several similiarites between himself and Sora.

Third Entry

Ventus fell to the Darkness twelve years ago, after he defeated Vanitas and unknowingly thwarted Master Xehanort's initial plan. His heart wandered through the Darkness, eventually joining up with Sora's heart, where it remained for twelve years, while Ventus's body was taken to a place called Castle Oblivion and remained there. Now, reunited, the heart and body have restored Ventus back to his former self and he now fights valiantly along side his friends to keep Radiant Garden safe. He and Sora are very alike.

Fourth Entry

Ventus's heart has resided in Sora's heart for the last twelve years. Now free, heart and body have reunited and Ventus has returned to his former self and has been reunited with his friends. Now, they speak of the information they learned about Master Xehanort and the King is very interested. Ventus, Terra and Aqua all fight to keep Radiant Garden safe, but Ventus cannot help but notice the similarities between him and Sora. Sora notices the similarites between himself and Ventus, but also notices the similarities between Ventus and Roxas. Is there some link between them?

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