Origin Amazing Spider-Man #299 (April, 1988)
Alias Eddie Brock
Type Human / Symbiote fusion
Role Villain
Home World Earth
Other residences New York
Attribute Web
Status Alive
English Voice Daran Norris

Venom is the fusion between an alien symbiote, and former Daily Bugle photographer Eddie Brock


Venom has a grudge against Spider Man and addresses himself as "We", since his suit is the symbiote that bonded with Brock.



  • "Spider-wuss! Come out and plaay!!"
  • "Mm, mm, mmm! Brains, yummy!"


  • After being defeated, Venom states, "We still want Captain America's autograph!" before leaving. This is a reference to the ending of the 2000 Spider Man game.
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