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Venon is the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts:The big the bad and the heartless,he is a 16 year old boy and his birthday's coming up and all he wants is freedome to see the other worlds,an organization member captures him and he escapes to see other worlds.


Vennon is a ordinary teenager like everyone else but he knows everything he has memories of everyone even people before his time.His Vennon only has a mom,so he grew up to be very kind and unegressive,He has a best friend name is Tracey and his other friends are Trice and Leon.


Vennon lives in a small world called Nobody's ville,when he turned 16 he finally wanted to come clear and make his only wish come true,to get out to the other worlds.On his 16 birthday his mom pulled out a big box with colorful rapping paper ,and a shiny gold boe.When Vennon opened up his present he thought it was a shrinkable space ship but it was a sweater vest.Vennon travels across the world fighting and looking for a new home to live in.


Vennon looks like Ventus at the top but with sneekers (KH2) Sora's jacket and black hair.


Name Vennon
Original Name venturione
personality nice,kind,stuckup
voice actor Jesse McCartney
Role Protagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Twilight Town
Family Xion; Roxas; Sora
Weapon Kingdom Key

Oathkeeper and Oblivion

Attribute Light
Status Alive



Vennon weilds start seeker.


Vennon can do various spells on kingdom hearts.

  • 2 Story
  • 3 Appearance
  • 4 Personality
  • 5 Abilities
    • 5.1 Keyblade
    • 5.2 Magic
    • 6 Trivia

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