Origin Thunderball (1965)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World James Bond Universe
Weapon Silenced Pistol
Status Dead
Vargas was a henchman for Largo.


We meet Vargas after the success of stealing the atomic bombs. He is also one of the gamblers beaten by Largo, before Sora and James Bond beat Largo. Sora and James are nearly blown while investigating the Disco Volante by Vargas. Largo introduces him and Janni in Palmyra and Vargas gets suspicious of Sora. After kidnapping Paula Caplan, Vargas interrogates the girl until he kills herself with cyanide. That same night, Vargas and his men meet with Volpe and capture Sora's group at the hotel. Being held up at the Junkanoo, Vargas and Volpe fight Sora and James in close combat before they escape to the Kiss Kiss club. At the club, Vargas accidentally shoots Fiona down. The next day, Domino is warned by Largo's evil and Sora and James defeat Vargas. As Vargas prepares to kill Sora, Bond shoots him with a spear gun.

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