Valhalla is the Darkness and object/location equivalent of Kingdom Hearts in the Chaos trilogy, Chaos resides in this domain and was sealed away, in the season one Epilogue it first appears as the place Antares is "blasted to" following the destruction of his Artificial Kingdom Hearts and in the season two Epilogue it becomes the base of the Eight Chaotic Kings.


Pre-Keyblade War

Before being sealed away through the efforts of many Keyblade wielders, Valhalla was the source of Chaos and Darkness with a portal in which the Heartless of the Realm of Darkness could travel through into the Realm of Light easily, many Keyblade wielders found their way to Valhalla in which they sought to defeat the "great evil" found there only to be turned to Darkness.

Approximately during or before the Keyblade War and the sealing of Kingdom Hearts at its conclusion, a group of Keyblade Masters and Apprentices sacrificed their lives in a powerful Ritual to lock Valhalla away behind its crystalline doorway, the Ritual also eventually caused the barrier between the Realms of Light and Dark to become so strong that it wasn't until Xehanort and the Six Apprentices of Ansem that the barrier started to weaken.


  • Valhalla is the same Dark City at the end of time seen in Final Fantasy XIII-2.
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