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" Because he felt many could overthrow one..."
—Lord Kami's Journal,Writ of Exile III

  Valdix was probably the most physically fit out of the seven exiles. Something their effort would need. Thus, he was the third disciple of Lord Kami to be banished into exile. When he possessed a heart his name was Ildav. Ildav and Valdix speak in a very heavy Russian accent and have a soldier-esque type of personality. Because of his abilities to replicate, Valdix is hard to catch and very solitary.

Powers and Abilities

Special Abilities

Singularity- Valdix creates two copies that attack separate enemies until their time is up, where they will work together to launch the real Valdix at enemy.

9 Lives- Valdix gains 1 bar of health. Nine copies of Valdix form splitting HP evenly.

Double Team- A copy of Valdix appears behind an enemy. They pass boomerang back and forth striking enemy between them.

Pass the Buck- Multiple copies of Valdix throw boomerang to each other hitting enemies in vicinity.

Absorb- Valdix absorbs copy healing some HP. Doesnt go over original max.

Ninjitsu- When Valdix is hit smoke appears quickly and he appears just out of reach and a false copy of himself stands where he once was and collapses. The copy takes the damage.

Boomerang Attacks

Earthshaker- The boomerang becomes giant and Valdix strikes the ground with it causing a tremor with a medium range.

Around the Horn- Throws the boomerang in a "raid".

Grind- The boomerang travels by gliding on the ground creating sparks in its wake and hitting enemies in the straight line. Then returns to Valdix. His regular attack.


Zero Healing

Combo Boost

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