Heyo. Just a project, a little Kingdom Hearts: Awakening timeline.

Part 1

About 24 years before BBS...

About 10 years before BBS...

About 8 years before BBS...

  • Allen turns 17.
  • The events at Earth happen. (The Start)
  • Allen goes to the Netherworld, those events transpire.
  • First visit.
  • Laharl joins Allen.
  • Baron events occur. (Darkness of the Truth)
  • The party splits.
  • Allen goes to the Land of Dreams, those events occur.
  • At the same time, Laharl and Ceodore re-visit the Netherworld. After this, they go to the Johto League. (Splitting of the Light)
Johto League- Ash Ketchum joins.
Frees Meta Knight, Mario.
The 3 attack Tabuu and lose.
  • Lexaln is born.
  • Lexaln is almost immediately captured and taken to Asteroid M by one of Magneto's slave ships; Twilight Town (Awakening) is destroyed.
  • Laharl, Ceodore, and Ash go to Asteroid M. (Betrayal)
  • Laharl betrays the two and kills Ash.
  • Ceodore meets Lexaln on a just-returning slave ship.

Part 2

About 6 years before BBS...

  • Fight Heartless, learns they appeared a few months ago; Occ. goes back to LoD to inform Axen
  • Lex and Dante investigate in the forest and see a huge Heartless; they fight and defeat it.
  • The two return to LoD, learn that all the worlds have been sending distress signals; the Heartless are swarming
  • Lexaln and two companions of his choice (from a ballot of Dante, Occidere, and Ceodore) go off to find the source of the swarm, and trace it back to the Netherworld. They find a huge mass of Heartless, leading up to the Overlord's castle (Swarm of Chaos)
  • They fight their way through it, and get to the Overlord's castle
  • They meet Laharl and Crono Silverius - it is revealed that Crono is the mastermind behind all of this.
  • Laharl attacks the party, and they fight - Lexaln wins
  • They are too late - Crono uses his Heartless to overcome the planet and seals the Keyhole; the planet is destroyed, and Lexaln & friends barely escape
  • They return to LoD, only to find Heartless swarming there too - the Keybladers couldn't fend them off
  • Lexaln and allies fight their way to the Throne Room, where they find Master Axen fight off a giant heartless - Axen kills it, but is fatally hit
  • Axen dies in the hands of Lexaln, and the last of the Heartless are slayed
  • Eraqus, who was recently crowned a Keyblade Master along with Xehanort (who disappeared during the attack), banishes Lexaln and his companions in anger
  • Lexaln, along with his friends, go to Edo for refuge - meet Gintoki Sakata (Fleeing Destiny)
  • Get attacked by Heartless, flee to Hyrule
  • Attacked by Alalngar and Jushur
  • It is revealed that Lexaln is Allen's Nobody, since Alalngar was there when Allen was defeat ed and witnessed Lexaln's birth
  • Lexaln is taunted about how he will never be a real person, and Al. flees
  • Lexaln becomes obsessed with finding his real self and taking back his heart
  • He starts going off the deep end, and is confronted by Dante/Occ./Ceo - the party splits (Confrontation)
  • Lexaln is severely injured
  • Ceodore, Occidere, and Dante save him and attack Crono/Alalngar/Jushur
  • They repel the three, and confront the dying Lexaln
  • As a last wish, Lexaln tells them his main purpose - He always wanted to know his life and his memories
  • He willingly allows Dante to unlock his heart, Allen is reborn
  • Allen is asleep, and Dante/Occi/Ceo go back to their respective worlds

Part 3

Still in progress! In the meantime, tell me whatcha think!

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