I'm Glad to announce tommorow i will finishing many empty or incomplete articles of my and Bombardo's Game:)

Also that tommorow will also feature new articles of the game including the Radiator Springs world which will be similiar to Olympus Coliseum containing tournaments that once won earn trophies and unlockables in the story.

And world articles will finished whenver someone like the user Can Carne who created the Endsville World Picture can provide world drawing pictures like that for the following worlds:

  • House Of Toys-Toy Story
  • Montropolis-Monsters.Inc
  • Ant Island-A Bug's Life
  • Rubbish Sector-Wall.E
  • Paradise Falls-Up
  • Streets of Rats-Ratatouille
  • Radiator Springs-Cars
  • Golden Age-The Incredibles
  • Hollow Bastion
  • Twilight Town
  • Disney Kingdom
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