Gems (Still under development)

  • Sapphire, Peridot, Onyx, and Ruby set out on their journey
  • They meet Diamond and Amethyst in _____
  • The party meets Emerald in Forest of Remembrance

Foul Remembrance (Working on stories for worlds)

  • Kairi, Sora, and Riku set out on their new journey
  • They meet The Rebellion in Radiant Garden
  • They travel to Underland, recruiting Terexala and thwarting the Red Queen's plans with Alice Kingsley
  • The party travels to the futuristic world Fifth Hope and help Shalua Rui purify the city
  • They travel to Simtown and save the world of chibis with the help of Buddy the Bellhop
  • The party visits the bustling city of Grand Surbia and save it from the Nightmares with Vaan, recruiting Nexin on the way
  • The party visits the secret-filled world of Earth and help grand thief Sly Cooper stop Clockwerk and the Nightmares
  • They travel to the dueling arena world of Dimension 1.2 and help save it with the help of Pikachu, Krystal, and Yami Yugi
  • They visit the riptoc-overrun, natural world of Avalar and help set it back to normal with the help of Elora and Hunter

Sonata of Broken Dreams (Still under developement)

  • Cherri and Cloverr set out on their journey
  • They meet Sireen, L, Near, Tear, Kira, and Luna in Fifth Hope
  • They travel to Radiant Garden and meet Alexander and Phixx
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