BrocNess Monstar is a monster created by Loki to serve in the Demonizer empire. 

BrocNess Monstar
Romaji Burokkunessu Monsutaru
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Alias Brock Nesslar
Type Broccoli monster
Role Enemy
Home World Earth
Family Loki (creator)
Status Alive
English Voice Vic Mignogna (normal speaking voice)
Zachary Quarles (vocal effects)
Japanese Voice Toshio Furukawa


BrocNess is a bright green, muscular humanoid with a broccoli shaped head, complete with similarly structured dark green hair. He wears black tights with the phrase "Broc N' Roll!" on the back.


BrocNess Monstar's name is a parody of the mythological Loch Ness Monster , which supposedly inhabits the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. His character, however, actually has more in common with these fictional characters:

  • Broly from Dragon Ball Z: Movie 8 and 10, particularly the vegetable based naming scheme he shares with other Saiyans, and humorous pop-cultural likening to WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar . They are also both voiced by the same english voice actor.
  • The Monstars from Space Jamtheir group name being a combination of "monster" and "superstar", further playing into his taking inspiration from Brock Lesnar.
  • Aganos from Killer Instinct(2013), specifically some of his special moves, having the same vocal effects, and his fan-coined nickname, "Broccoli Man", further playing into his similarity with Broly.


  • BrocNess' vegetable motiff is a direct contrast to his perceived nemesis MuraNinger .
  • His hair strands resemble Shrek's ears.
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