Romaji Borudameron
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Type Watermelon monster
Role Enemy
Home World Earth
Family Loki (creator)
Status Alive
English Voice Clifton Powell
Japanese Voice Fumihiko Tachiki

Bouldermelon is a monster created by Loki to serve in the Demonizer empire. 


In reference to the "Boulder" in his name, Bouldermelon is highly durable, and can retract his head and limbs into the inside of his body to roll himself or bounce around like a beach ball. 


Bouldermelon resembles a giant sized watermelon, (the type of fruit he was created from) much bigger than the average human, with disproportionately skinny, but flexible arms and legs. His head is also relatively small, with big, pinkish-red lips and big, cartoony eyes. 


  • The method of his creation echoes Rita Repulsa, and Lord Zedd's transforming of objects to create some of their monsters.
  • His voice and some of his mannerisms were inspired by Big Smoke , also voiced by Clifton Powell, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • Bouldermelon also has some resemblence to Boss Borot .
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