Ayane Kudamono is a wannabe Ninninger, identifying herself as MuraNinger.

Ayane Kudamono
Japanese Kudamono Ayane
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Alias Mura Ninger, The Sturdy Fruit, Aya,
Type Human
Role Ranger Wannabe, Ally
Age 18-19
Home World Earth
Other residences Japan
Family Tolie (fiancee)
Weapon Fruitana
Attribute Ninpo, Fruits
Status Alive
English Voice Tara Strong
Japanese Voice Iori Moe

Mura Ninger(left(not final design)) / Ayane(right)


Ayane and her family were on vacation to America around the time Dick Tater was sworn into office. The corrupt president had her father deported for no apparent reason, but Ayane and her mother were offered amnesty under the condition that they're both forbidden to speak out against Dick's actions and required to perform sexual favors for him and his men on a strictly daily basis. Ayane escaped confinement and now works with her british-american boyfriend Tolie to end Dick's dominance over America and restore fairness and order to the world. Taking inspiration from the Ninningers, Ayane made a costume and began fighting evil as MuraNinger.


In the wake of Dick's near-subjugation of the USA, Ayane hated him for his nationalist beliefs and racism, and shows some level of bitterness to her mother for appeasing the president's selfishness out of fear of his wrath. Despite her tsundere exterior, Ayane is a caring, honorable, and courageous young woman who trusts Tolie, with whom she has a very intimate relationship and a mutual desire to protect other people from the tyranny of Dick Tater, and by extension, the Demonizer empire. She also admires and respects the Ninningers enough to dress and fight as much like them as she can.

As a humorous running gag, Ayane eats some of the fruits she intends to throw at her enemies, and keeps spare berry bombs in her cleavage.


  • Fruitana
  • Nin Shuriken Bananarang
  • Berry Bombs


Ayane is japanese for "Design Sound", a term being used to describe something built perfectly for it's intended purpose. More famously, that name, and other traits, are also shared with a character from the Dead or Alive series.

Kudamono is japanese for "Fruit", and it references her fruit motif and taking inspiration from the mobile game "Fruit Ninja".


  • Ayane is the first, and likely only wannabe Ranger to be conceived exclusively for a non-Super Sentai production.
  • Despite being a wannabe, she is the first Violet Ranger since ToQ-7, and the first female one since Kyoryu Violet .
  • Her presumed friendly rivalry with Kasumi Momochi / Momo Ninger is yet another reference to Dead or Alive.
  • Her boyfriend's name is an anagram of Eliot (another Dead or Alive character), and pronounced "Tow-lee", much like the South Park character Towelie. Also, he will be voiced by Richard Cansino, who did the voice of Himura Kenshin
  • The design of her suit exposing her arms, shoulders, cleavage, and thighs is somewhat like that of Battle Fever J's Miss America, except the latter's outfit had stockings to make it look like her legs were showing.
  • Her japanese voice actress cosplayed as her DoA namesake.
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