"Hey! I'm not a thief, I'm a Treasure Hunter!"

Locke Cole
Kana ロック・コール
Romaji Rokku Kōru
Origin Final Fantasy VI
Original Name Lock
Type Human
Role Supporting Character
Age 20
Gender Male
Alignment Returners
Home World World of Balance
Weapon Daggers, Boomerangs
Status Alive
English Voice Vic Mignogna
Japanese Voice Ryuuji Sainei

Locke is a supporting character in Kingdom Hearts IV, who was originally from Final Fantasy VI'.[1]

Journal Entries

"A self proclaimed treasure hunter working for a resistance group called The Returners."


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Locke is driven to protect women he meets, instantly promising to help Terra and Celes despite them being former imperial soldiers. His want to protect women is due to unresolved guilt over a past incident which he struggles with. The incident was a key reason he joined the Returners, and although he blames himself, he is angry at the empire for their involvement.

Despite his tragic past, Locke is often less than serious. He jokes around with and about the other party members, particularly teasing Edgar for his flirtatiousness. He is proud of his skills and insistent on being called a "treasure hunter" or "adventurer" rather than a thief. Locke is kindhearted and tries to prevent others from experiencing the sorrow he has.


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Being a thief, or treasure hunter, as he so often insists, Locke is nimble and able to pilfer rare items from defeated enemies, open locked doors and treasure chests, and infiltrate areas that a normal person could not.


A remix of "Locke's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI, arranged by Kazunori Miyake, is featured in Kingdom Hearts IV.


  • Locke's japanese voice actor in KH4, Ryuuji Sainei, previously played Ban Akaza (Deka Red) in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. He calls Sora "aibou", meaning buddy or partner, as a reference to Deka Red calling Deka Blue the same thing, to the latter's initial annoyance.
  • His english voice is Vic Mignogna of Fullmetal Alchemist fame, having voiced the series' protagonist Edward Elric.
  • Locke's use of a fake moustache to disguise himself on at least one occasion echos an alternate artwork of a seemingly older version of himself.

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