GokaiWhite GokaiWhite 25 January 2019

Important announcement regarding the KH3 leaks

Ok, anyone and everyone who's taken the time to read this, listen to me and listen well: according to Wolfblade111 on DeviantArt, apparently there's this troll who may or may not have been the one who leaked the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3. However, he or she's not leaked the post-credits epilogue or the secret video, for which the requirements to unlock have not yet been revealed, I think. In any case, this troll's actions must be brought to the attention of Disney and/or Square Enix so they may take immediate action to fix whatever damage the troll has caused as best as they can. The point is, even if the worst does come to pass for our dear Sora , he can't just stay dead, which I, for one, believe is going too far. Besides which, Tetsuya …

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GokaiWhite GokaiWhite 17 May 2018

Visit Plamoya today!

I just signed up for this affiliation program with Plamoya, an online retailer that specializes in Anime/Video Game related merchandise, and I'd like you to support them by checking the link below, and see if there's anything you like.

<a href='https://plamoya.com/?referrer=PLMX_801801526329241'>Plamoya.com</a>

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GokaiWhite GokaiWhite 1 July 2017

New Character Idea: Motorpsycho & Cyclepath

Motorpsycho and Cyclepath are two Kikaima twins created by Loki from two wrecked motorcycles and working for Accelerus Maximus.

The twins are psychotic, mischevious, destructive, thrill-seeking, cocky criminals who behave like members of a contemporary biker gang.

  • Their names are derived from the words "pychopath" and "motorcycle", hence their shared motif.
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GokaiWhite GokaiWhite 20 May 2017

Rest in Power, Tatsuya Nomi...

I just got some very sad news that Tatsuya Nomi , (Daigo/ Shishi Ranger) had passed recently. He was a bigger part of my childhood then he could have ever realized, and he will be sorely missed by his fellow Dairanger actors and the Super Sentai fan base. I would like to pay tribute to him in some way in Superhero Keyblade Wars' Dairanger tribute episode, so I'm open to suggestions as you pay your respects here on this blog post.

( GokaiWhite (talk) 20:47, May 20, 2017 (UTC)

One idea I have is for Gokai Green to recover Daigo's Ranger Key and change into Shishi Ranger to (at least help) defeat the monster of the day. The final scene of that episode would see Gokai Green returning the key to Daigo, who will appear in a non-speaking role, in a…

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GokaiWhite GokaiWhite 7 March 2017

Fake Locke for KHIII

"Hey! I'm not a thief, I'm a Treasure Hunter!"

Locke is a supporting character in Kingdom Hearts IV, who was originally from Final Fantasy VI'.[1]

  • 1 Journal Entries
  • 2 Story
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Appearance
  • 5 Abilities
  • 6 Theme
  • 7 Trivia

"A self proclaimed treasure hunter working for a resistance group called The Returners."

to be added...

Locke is driven to protect women he meets, instantly promising to help Terra and Celes despite them being former imperial soldiers. His want to protect women is due to unresolved guilt over a past incident which he struggles with. The incident was a key reason he joined the Returners, and although he blames himself, he is angry at the empire for their involvement.

Despite his tragic past, Locke is often less than serious. He jokes a…

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