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Name Sigurður / Siegfried
Kana シグルド
Gender Male
Age 15
Birthday November 2nd
Ethnicity White
Laterality Right handed
Orientation Bisexual
Profession Student
Favorite Characters Roxas
Created Characters Xiggie


I, Siggi, am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan. I fell in love with the game the second I tried it. I have played Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Gameboy) and Kingdom Hearts II. I plan to buy Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sometime soon, and I will buy Kingdom Hears Birth by Sleep the second it's out here on this frozen rock. I also own Kingdom Hearts II: Final mix+ but since it is japanese I can't play it in my playstation...

Here are a few things you might want to know about me:

  • I am a 15 year old boy from Iceland
  • My real name is Sigurður (Heimir) or Siegfried (Siegfried (The hero of the first part of Nibelungenlied) is translated Sigurður in Icelandic (I am named after this Siegfried)
  • I am a musician (Trumpet player), artist, a computer freak and I am studying to become a Graphic designer.
  • I have mousebrown hair (Icelandic color), gray eyes and freckles.
  • I ♥ Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy (VII and X are my favorite)
  • I get angry pretty easily, so watch out!
  • I don't show it very well when I get angry, but it often leads to be playing calm and then *boom*... exploding!
  • I like strong colors and color combinations that FIT!
  • I like to collapse things :P (as you might see, my userpage is collapsed all over :D)
  • I like working socializers! by that I mean that I like people who can be very friendly and good friends, but at the same time, excellent editors.
  • I dislike blogs on the Wiki, that's what Facebook and Myspace are for!
  • I like working with others, but I don't need to.
  • I constantly use "smileys", such as :P and :D Better get used to it, because I'm not quitting :P
  • I prefer taking things slow when I can, but I can work at tremendous speed :P

My Role on this Wiki

Here at the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki, I am an Admin and a bureaucrat, and have the "ability" to:

  • Delete pages
  • Protect Pages
  • Block unfriendly Users/IP's
  • Rollback Vandalism

I am titled "The Third Knight of Arbitration", "The Knight Historian", "The Knight of Linkage Mastery" and "The Knight of Canon Mastry". If you don't really know what that means, I'll explain it to you:

  • "The Third Knight of Arbitration" - It means I am the third person who was appointed to settle disputes on this wiki. (The first one being MechaUltimaZero, and the second one being Troisnyxetienne).
  • "The Knight Historian" - It means that I keep track of History on this wiki (take care of our news page).
  • "The Knight of Linkage Mastery" - It means that I'm in charge of linking articles correctly.
  • "The Knight of Canon Mastery" - It means that I delete canon articles and create redirect links to the KH Wiki instead.

So, I am a part of The Court, The Knight Trinity and I am in charge of the D Report (our news page).

My current projects

This is a list of what I plan to do... sometime...

  • Work on rewriting KHL along with the others :P
  • Clean up the KHL category system - it's a mess
  • Clean up the Wiki's category system...

My likes and dislikes



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KHF Wiki Executive User

This user is an Executive User of the KHF Wiki, under the titles of "Third Knight of Arbitration", "Knight Historian", "Knight of Linkage Mastery", and "Knight of Canon Mastery". Thus, he is not someone that you want to mess with. EVER.

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