I bet you know who I hang out with over the side of Darkness !
Kana トワニックスエティエン
Romaji Towanikkusuetien
Residence Hertfordshire, UK
Age 19
Acquired games Kingdom Hearts (EN)
Final Mix
Re:Chain of Memories (JP)
Kingdom Hearts II (EN)
II Final Mix+
Currently playing Nothing

Hey, everyone, Troisnyx here.

I appreciate a good story, provided that you make sure that it follows the Kingdom Hearts logic as closely as possible. And you must have done the work yourself. This, after all, is Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki. I won't hesitate to admonish anyone who fails to get up and get cracking, and who would rather sit in a corner and mope all day just because someone has a better story than he does.

If there's anything I can contribute to, it's usually concept artwork and story design. However, these days, expect me to be inactive.

Wiki Exec

KHF Wiki Executive User

This user is an Executive User of the KHF Wiki, under the titles of "Knight of Democracy" and "Knight of Template Mastery". Thus, she is not someone that you want to mess with.

Userboxes, for the life of me

If someone can view the source for me and tell me how to remove TNE-Subpages from this template, I'd be glad !

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