Battlefield Spectre
Taken Name Haxon
Real Name Noah L'eonheart
Gender Male
Race Human/Nobody
Age Nineteen (19)
Homeworld Forgotten Sanctuary

Twilight Town

Laterality "Dominant" Right; Ambidexterous
Weapon(s) Honour and Justice, Unknown
Armour Bellatoris Armour, Unknown
Accessories Cloak of the Ancients, Unknown
Abilities & Specials
Element Aether/Void
Spells Gravity, Reflect
Abilities Starstrike, Lunar Veil
Limits Unknown
Drives Starstruck Form, Eclipse Form
Strength N/A
Magic N/A
Defence N/A
Speed N/A

Hazon (pronounced Haze-on) is newcomer to the worlds he's always been a fighter; in recent times he's been seen on fringe of battle, never with a weapon drawn, but moving with such grace one would consider it floating. It's unsure what specifically the future holds for this young man, or even what side of the battle he fights for, but what is known is that something dark lies somewhere within him.


The End

Noah L'eonheart was an honourable warrior, that fought for the side of light for many years until a darkness started to consume his heart. After the loss of his loved one at the hands of a Heartless, he swore to use his every dying breath to find a way to return her to her family. As his devotion to his cause started to lead him down darker paths, his father was forced to banish him from his home to prevent him from harming anyone he loved. As he began to search far off worlds for an answer he progressively became more and more intwined with the Heartless and strange creatures called Nobodies hunting him everywhere he moved. Some of the allies he encountered said the creatures were drawn to his weapon, while others claimed they sought him out as the strongest.

Many told Noah that the path he walked was a treacherous one, and with each progressively stronger Heartless and Nobody he encountered he swore on his life that he would find a way to bring her back or die trying. On the desert plains of an unknown world, Noah encountered a strange Nobody who reminded him of old stories of an Organization composed of Nobodies. The Nobody told him that his quest was fruitless as his loved one did not have a strong enough heart to continue existing. The figure continued his speech to say that he had been ruining many of their plans with his reckless mission and now had to be liberated to correct his mistakes. A long battle ensued between the two, with neither willing to give ground, but the Nobody had the superior advantage with Noah taking much more of a beating. In the end, Noah had to call upon his light to embolden his spirit as the darkness threatened to consume him to defeat his unknown rival. With a decisive blow, Noah managed to slay his foe but it took the last of his energy. As the light in his body was extingiushed and his heart fell to the darkness his eyes closed slowly and the last of the light he would remember seeing is the face of his beloved.


Upon awakening in a strange forest between a strange manour and a quiet little town, the young man was quite lost. Not knowing who he was or anything of his past had him worked up far beyond, well, anything he had felt before. Without a second thought he headed towards the town, blissfully unaware of what lurked in the darkness behind him. For a time, he lived amongst the people of Twilight Town, living his life day to day and making it work until a day when strange creatures started appearing in Twilight Town. It was this day that Twilight Town had Sora the Keyblade Master return to find his beloved Kairi, and on this day the Heartless and Nobodies returned in full force to seek the weilder of the Keyblade.

In an ironic twist of fate, some of these forsaken creatures found the poor lad alone in the forest and confronted him. Uncertain if they should attack or not, the creatures simply surrounded him preparing for the worst as they tried to ensnare him into becoming one of them. Amongst the raspy, airy voices the young man tried to control everything running through his head when a single word stood out clearly. Almost as though someone had shouted to him, he heard his name clearly, Noah. Without a second thought Noah had slid into a defencive stance, to defend himself when a strange weapon found itself in his hand. Shaped like a skeleton key but wielded like a blade, the weapon was surprisingly well balanced and was just what Noah needed against an unknown enemy. Without any further hesitation, the creatures leapt towards Noah with the intent on the beacon he now weilded. With a resonation between Noah and the blade he weilded, it became apparent that something was missing within him as he dispatched each and every creature without emotion or empathy.

As the last creature fell, Noah turned quickly to face a strange man clapping behind him. Wrapped in a dark cloak, the man simply clapped for a few moments before standing just out of Noah's reach. The strange man simply stood there for a moment before Noah lifted the blade and pointed the tip at his surveyer's head. The man laughed, somewhat wickedly before speaking, "So another has been revealed simply by his presence on this world. You don't look like the last on did...or even like any of the others weilding it. Remarkable." With the declaration that others weilded the strange weapon, Noah faltered, his hand wavering before the weapon disappeared from his grip. The sheer curiousity of it caused him to burst out before the cloaked man could speak again, "Who are you? What was that weapon?" The man simply flashed a small smile from beneath his cowl before he spoke again, "The weapon is of no matter, but I believe you need to know yourself before you can know who I am."

It was an odd statement, one which should have raised anger, but it didn't. Noah hung his head in doubt and defeat as he replied, "All I know is the name Noah." The man stood there for a minute before he seemed to look about at the air before him, something that Noah couldn't understand until the man stopped and spoke, "Your former name was Noah, and then your heart was stolen from you. Taken to the darkness, the nothingness has chosen to call you Hazon. I am part of an group of people like you and I, an Organization so to speak. Your natural affinity for combat would be well welcomed with us, and we could train you to wield that weapon and your natural abilities." As the man finished speaking a strange orb of darkness appeared behind him, his hand gestured towards the orb as though he wanted Noah, now Hazon, to walk into it. But something just seemed wrong about the entire situation, and without a second thought Hazon's eyes narrowed and his hand was pointed towards the cloaked figure as though he were weilding a blade again, yet this time the weapon came without a second thought.

"I don't trust you enough to follow you, and I don't think you have the time to try to win me over here and now." There was an ice to his tone, as his eyes were locked onto the figure. There was a tension in the air before the man sighed and responded, "Well, as much as I'd like to prove you wrong, I'm needed elsewhere. My friends will straighten you out and we'll be back for you later. You'll see our way soon enough Hazon." As the figure stepped into his orb, more of the strange creatures appeared and started towards Hazon before he could confront the figure once more. It was a longer battle than expected, with each creature slain increasing his anger towards the figure who said he had no heart.

The Other Promise

The strange weapon never appeared again after that, with Noah (now Haxon) searching the worlds for answers to the strange man's statement and answers about that weapon. Everywhere he went made no difference to the answers he recieved with no one willing to tell him any useful information. As his journey continued though, he began to learn more and more of his strange connection to specific elements. His memory, what remained of it, rang out with the word "Aether" or "Void" for the element. It was what he called the element of the sky, of the space beyond these worlds. It was a rather tricky element, seemingly creating light and darkness as one. It was slow at the start, his first use of any element was when his anger (was it anger?) allowed him to open a portal much like the mysterious man. It was a dark place, sort of a corridor of darkness to another location. Since then his mastery over the portal had grown and he had began to develop abilities with the element. He made he way from world to world, a constant reminder running through his head to "not interfere with the worlds", but as he opened a portal from world to world it seemed like dark creatures began springing up on these planets with him.

The journey was a long one until he arrived on a strange world that seemed to leave an aching pain in his chest. He managed to keep attention from himself as he snuck through the city towards the impressive palace near the back of the large city. He entered the palace calmly, with no-one seeming to stop him until after he entered a familiar room. The large room had an ancient feel to it; the four poster bed, the collection of swords along the wall, the armour standing guard on mannequins and the assortment of clothing laid out accross the bed. As he touched the rather majestic looking cloak on the bed a voice chimed in from the doorway behind him, "So you've returned brother? Even though you were banished from our world for fear of bringing it's destruction. I thought your honour and decency would keep you from here for eternity." The voice seemed to be lost, part of it hostile while the other part was longing to see him again. Haxon turned slowly, looking towards the man about his age leaning against the doorframe with a puzzled look upon his face. The man in the door's face quickly turned from one of love to one of questioning, one of horror. He spoke as his hand instinctively went for his blade, "You're not Noah...not anymore, your campaign for vengence has made you forget everything you held dear. Guards! You're not my brother, and if you were..." Without another word the man left as the guards came running towards the door to keep him locked in, the accusations, the confusion, the harshness of his words burned at his chest more than anything else could have. With his head hung low he could feel it building inside him. Had he really lost his heart? Was he truely no long Noah, but this....Haxon instead? As the men started entering the room, closing the distance with him, his mind started to slowly crumble as his world crashed in on him.

With a sudden shriek from down the corridor breaking everyone from their trance, Haxon grabbed a sword from the wall and pointed down the hall, "Help the woman, then come to deal with me. I can guarentee you I'll still be here when you get back." As he began strapping the armour and holsters to himself the men knew he meant what he had said and left, two well chosen swords being slid into their scabbards at his waist as he flung on the tattered but majestic cloak to cover himself. Without a second thought he pulled the hood over his head to cover his eyes, to cover what he had become as he continued down the corridor to see what had caused the shriek. To his disbelief the shadowy creatures had followed him to this world and were now intent on destroying it, a sight that further caused his chest to burn in pain. With swift work with his sword he helped the door guards dispatch the creatures as they sealed the palace and then complied with their demands to bring him before the King.

The look upon the King's face at the sight of Haxon was more than he could bear, his chest searing with pain once again, "By the Gods, you've doomed us all. Did you forget your oath? Your promise to defend this world from the creatures of the dark? The creatures of Nothingness like you've become!!" The final words hurt more than he could bear as he fell to a knee, "I...I shouldn't...feel..this, this pain. I shouldn't feel...this...regret? If I have no heart." The King rose to his feet as he turned slowly and began to leave the chamber, "Our Sanctuary has fallen with the help of one of my children, with the help of it's greatest's greatest chaser. Our Forgotten home is now Forsaken! Gather all our people, let's get them out of here."

As the King left, Haxon simply sat there. His hand on his chest as the pain burned its way through, still on his knee as everything settled in. The thoughts flashed before his eyes as he could hear the creatures getting closer to him, his anger rising as he realized more and more that he was the source of this destruction and possibly the loss of his own heart. As he turned about he felt his anger peak out, his adrenaline pumping as he screamed out in rage. With the pain, the anger as the fuel of his drive he drew one of the swords as that same mysterious skeleton blade appeared in his free hand. The room seemed to become eerily dark as he lunged forward, his blades seeming to glow with inner light as the room faded to a pitch black. As he brought his swords to his face, almost as though in prayer he spoke to himself, "With darkness, there is light. With light, darkness." As the glow of the weapons eclipsed his face they were brought down to his sides as he lunged forward, sweeping his blades in crescent shaped arcs to clear a circle around him. As the circle completed a brilliant circle of light appeared around him almost exploding into light before the darkness consumed the room again and he continued down the hall. He seemed faster, stronger; the light seeming to guide him through this darkness as his rage pushed him through the chamber to clear it. With each successful eclipse of his blades the creatures within or nearest the circle seemed to be destroyed. He continued until he felt his adrenaline wearing off and the room began to grow light again with his blades dimming.

As soon as everything seemingly returned to normal the skeleton blade vanished again leaving Haxon alone on a doomed world. These creatures were prepared to destroy this sanctuary, this Forgotten Sanctuary was truely becoming a Forsaken Sanctuary. With one final look towards his family crest, Haxon accepted what he had done. Not only had he broken his promise to his loved one...but he had broken his other promise, his oath to keep the Sanctuary of the Chasers from the darkness and nothingness. With a final glance the portal opened and Haxon stepped into the Darkness and left his "home" forever.

Detailed Information

Within this section lies the information about young Noah's Abilities, Limits and Drives; as well as any other personal information not clarified in the pre or post-sections found within this page.


  • Starstrike - The user summons forth the Light of the Heavens to strike down their opponents.
    • Dark and Light Stars will start to fall from the sky afflicting damage to all creatures within the battlefield with varying degrees of damage dependent on target's elemental alignment.
    • MP Cost: ??
    • Level Acquired: ??
  • Lunar Veil - The user summons forth a blessed barrier from Luna to defend them and all behind it from their enemies.
    • Similar to the spell "Reflect", the user summons a large barrier that is tinted to a grey-ish hue due to the darkness element used in the making of the veil.
    • MP Cost: ??
    • Level Acquired: ??


  • Unknown Limit - Locked until further character development.


  • Starstruck Form - ...
  • Eclipse Form - User causes the room to be enveloped in darkness as their weapons glow with divine light, with eclipsing arcs simulating that of a lunar eclipse the user causes an explosive burst of energy before the room returns to darkness. User continues this pattern dealing large burst of light damage until their overdrive is complete.
    • MP Cost: All
    • Level Acquired: ??

Equipment Details and Gallery


  • Unknown Weapon - A strange Skeleton Key shaped blade, additional Information locked until character launch.
  • Honour and Justice - Two ancient Longswords crafted by Noah in the Forgotten Sanctuary before he left on his mission. Crafted with greatest care and time put into their creation, there is little known that can crack let alone break their odd metal. Only Sephiroth's Masamune is known to be as sharp or crafted with as much care as these blades.


  • Bellatoris Armour - Translated to "Warriors Armour", this armour is rarely seen besides on those of Royal lineage or Guardians of the Realm of Forgotten Sanctuary. Lightweight enough to give the wearer the agility and mobility they need in combat, but heavy enough to protect them from harm of traditional weapons. This suit is crafted with care by the most well known of Blacksmiths and armourers.
    • Chestplate of the Bellator - Chestplate of the Warrior, this armour is tightly knit leather and chainmail protecting the wearer from traditional blades and arrow based projectiles. It is rather limited against spellcraft and does not stand well against powered projectiles (Crossbows or modern sidearms), although it does seem to have minor resistance to the element of the Aether.
    • Greaves of the Bellator - Greaves of the Warrior, this armour is designed to protect the wearer's lower legs from the more tretcherous of foes by knitting a piece of well crafted metal with the leather greave and boot. Limited against all spellcraft not of the Aether, these plates can only take so much punishment before they begin punishing their wearer.
    • Gauntlets of the Bellator - Gauntlets of the Warrior, this armour is designed with a chainmail/leather knit to defend the wearer's hands from enemy melee weapons to a limited degree. Weak against spellcraft outside the realm of the Aether, these gauntlets can only withstand a short bit of punishment.
  • Unknown Armour - Information locked until character launch.


  • Cloak of the Ancients - An intricately designed cloak belonging to those of royal lineage from the Forgotten Sanctuary. This particular cloak is very aged and torn from years of use. It is said that this cloak was worn by defenders of the realm against those in the Aether. It seems to be designed similarily to that of the cloaks that members of Organization XIII wore.
  • Unknown Accessory - Information locked until character launch.

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