Here is the page I will use for my Non-canon character Xashowd, which I hope to add to the tale of Kingdom Hearts Legacy. His stats, weapons, and backstory will be placed here.

Name Xashowd
Age -Around 180
Type -Minor Elemention
Appearance -Long raven black hair, crimson eyes, pale skin, wears a Black Cloak
Homeworld -Currently Unknown
Weapons -Main: Darkscythe, False Oblivion, Masamune Secondary: Dark Guillotine Blade, Pouch with Infinite Supply of Kunai
Element -Minor Elemention
Faction -Outcast
Special Abilities -Slicer Zero, Shadow Nova
Strength -2nd
Magic -3rd
Defense -4th
Speed -1st
History -Former Member of Organization XIII
Sample Role-Play -


Xashowd's starting/current stats in KHL.

HP:100 MP:50 AP:7

Str:15 Def:5 Magic:10 Spd:20


Xashowd's Story, from the Prologue to Kingdom Hearts Legacy. Click on the chapter names to head to the respective chapter. Enjoy!

Book 1


Chapter 1:Finding Xigbar

Chapter 2: Ordered Days

Chapter 3: Enter Xemnas

Chapter 4: The Rose's Thorns

Chapter 5: Castle Oblivion

Chapter 6: Vexen's Replica

Chapter 7: The Plan

Chapter 8: Scattered to the Winds

Chapter 9: 358/2 Days-1

Chapter 10: 358/2 Days-2

Chapter 11: 358/2 Days-3

Chapter 12: 358/2 Days-4

Chapter 13: 358/2 Days-5 Roxas' Departure

Chapter 14: 7 Days

Chapter 15: Sora's Awakening

Chapter 16: As the Wheel Turns

Chapter 17: The Winds of Change

Chapter 18: Planning for the Future

Chapter 19: Meeting with Ansem

Chapter 20: The Invasion of Hollow Bastion

Chapter 21: A Chance Meeting

Chapter 22: The Cry of Darkness

Chapter 23: Showdown at Twilight Town

Chapter 24: Axel's Sacrifice

Chapter 25: Final Preparations

Chapter 26: The End of the Game

Chapter 27: Gathering the Pieces

Chapter 28: Knowledge of Existence

Chapter 29: Shift of Balance

Chapter 30: The Legacy Begins

Book 2

Chapter 1: KHL-1

The first book details Xashowd's time in Organization XIII, starting with his inception and going through the events of CoM, 358/2 Days (Which probably won't be filled until after I get the game, most likely mid-October), and KH2, all the way until Xashowd joins the events of Kingdom Hearts Legacy, which will be covered in the second book and be told from Xashowd's point of view. As stated above, let me know what you think.



One of Xashowd's main weapons, along with the False Oblivion and the Masamune. The Darkscythe has Mid-Long attack range and exceptional magical ability.

Str:10 Magic:8 Def:7

Dark Guillotine Blade

Xashowd's strongest weapon, it is only used in Chaos Form. It is a solid mid-range weapon and has relativly good magic power.

Str:14 Magic:5 Def:9

False Oblivion

Xashowd created this weapon during his time with Organization XIII. It is an alternate version of the Oblivion Keyblade with a 1.5x longer shaft and no Keychain. Xashowd uses this weapon in a similar manner to his Masamune.

Str:10 Magic:9 Def:5


One of Xashowd's main weapons, the Masamune is a katana with a 7' long blade, a standard rectangular guard, and a 10" hilt. Used primarily for offense.

Str:10 Magic:5 Def:8

Xashowd also carries a silver pouch that can hold an infinite number of Kunai. He uses these as his seconday weapon. The stats of the Kunai are Str:2 Magic:0 Def:1

Currently Equipped

  • Masamune + Kunai Pouch


This section will describe Xashowd's various abilities and which of his weapons he uses them with.

Currently Equipped

  • Distance Cutter
  • Centrifugal Spiral
  • Quick Dodge

Natural Abilities

These are abilities that Xashowd obtains at the beginning and are automatically activated, regardless of AP, similar to Drive abilities. However, Xashowd can only have 3 total, and they are related to his race (Ex: all Nobodies and Heartless can use Corridors of Darkness, and Critical Plus (Xashowd's version) can only be used by vampires).

Corridors of Darkness

Enables Xashowd to create a Corridor of Darkness, allowing him to travel to different worlds or different places on worlds at will. This can only be used outside of battle.

Critical Plus

When Xashowd's HP is <20%, Strength and Speed gain a +2 bonus. This is only temporary, and if he is defeated or healed so that his HP becomes >20%, the effect wears off.

Quick Heal

Xashowd's HP are gradually restored by 5 every few seconds. This effect activates when Xashowd's HP is < 50%. The effect wears off when his HP becomes > 80%.

Weapon Abilities

Distance Cutter (Dark Rush)

Xashowd dashes forward at high speed and executes a horizontal slash. Slash can be chained up to three times, at which point Xashowd slams his weapon on the ground, creating an energy wave.

MP Cost:0 AP Cost:2

Used With: All

Unlocked: At Beginning

Slicer Zero

Xashowd slashes through an opponent at high speed, dealing massive damage.

MP cost: 3/4 of total MP AP Cost: 4

Used With: All

Unlocked: Lv.45

Final Zero

Xashowd targets an enemy, Slashes through them 6 times, then warps above the enemy and dives down, creating a shockwave that damages surrounding enemies.

MP Cost: All AP Cost:5

Unlocked: Lv.75

Zero 13

Xashowd's most powerful weapon attack. Xashowd slashes through an opponent 12 times, then warps above them and dives down, creating a massive shockwave that heavily damages surrounding enemies.

MP Cost:All. MP Charge is doubled after using this attack. AP Cost:7

Unlocked: Lv.90

Upper Slash (Chaos Sky)

Xashowd slashes upward, launching an opponent into the air. This attack can be chained up to three times, at which point Xashowd slashes downward, slamming the opponent into the ground.

MP Cost:0 AP Cost:2 Used With: All Unlocked: Lv.7

Strike Raid (Guillotine Raid)

Xashowd tosses his weapon forward in a boomerang-like fashion, striking an enemy from afar. Xashowd's Strike Raid has three levels of power, which are obtained at various levels (10, 20, and 30). V1=one toss, V2=3 tosses, and V3=3 tosses + Judgement. Kunai van also be tossed in this manner (Kunai have V1 only).

MP Cost: 10 per toss, then 20 for Judgement (Weapon). 5 per Kunai AP Cost: 3 for V1 & V2, 4 for V3. Used With: All. Unlocked: Lv.10 (V1), Lv.20 (V2), and Lv.30(V3)

Once Strike Raid V3 is obtained, Xashowd also learns Judgement seperately. It can be equipped, but not at the same time as Strike Raid V3.


Xashowd tosses his weapon for a final time, which strikes a targeted enemy six times. The weapon then warps and spears the enemy from above, creating a small shockwave that damages surrounding enemies. After which the weapon automatically returns to Xashowd's hand.

MP Cost: 20 AP Cost:4 Used With: All Unlocked: Lv.30

Warp Dive (Deep Dive)

Xashowd warps above an opponent and dives down upon them in a similar manner to Dragoon Nobodies.

MP Cost:10 AP Cost:3 Used With: All Unlocked: Lv.25

Spin Drive (Chaos Spiral)

Xashowd Spins counter-clockwise in a tornado-like fashion across the field, dealing damage to all enemies he comes in contact with.

MP Cost:Initially 1/4 of total MP. MP is steadily consumed while using the ability.

AP Cost:3 Used With: All Unlocked: Lv.50

Wave Slash (Dark Wave)

Xashowd Slices through the air, sending a wave of enegy at an opponent. This can be chained up to 5 times, the fifth wave being larger and more powerful.

MP Cost:10 per wave, 15 for the fifth one. AP Cost:4 Used With: All Unlocked: Lv.15


Xashowd holds his weapon out in front of him so as to deflect incoming attacks. Can be held for a few seconds.

AP Cost:1 Used With:All Unlocked: At Beginning

Magic Abilities

Energy Blade

Xashowd enhances his equipped weapon by placing an aura of pure energy around it, increasing attack and magic power by 1.25x.

MP Cost: Initially 1/4 of Xashowd's total MP. MP is steadily consumed while the ability is in use. AP Cost: 3

Unlocked: Lv.13

Shadow Nova

Xashowd creates a sphere of pure dark energy, launching it at an opponent and dealing damage in a wide area. Damage and Blast radius is relative to size of the sphere. Can be charged.

MP Cost: Initially half of total MP. Can be charged to increase size and damage. AP Cost: 5

Unlocked: Lv.50

During his time in Organization XIII, Xashowd picked up a few tricks from the other members.

Blazing Orb

Xashowd creates an explosive orb of pure fire energy which he fires at an opponent, dealing massive fire damage. Xashowd can create up to 4 of these orbs and fire them in different directions.

MP Cost:15 per orb AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv. 30

Frost Shatter

Xashowd gathers his Ice energy and fires five fast waves of five Ice Shards at an opponent, dealing Blizzard damage.

MP Cost:30 AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv. 30

Thunder Lance

Xashowd gathers his Thunder energy in his right hand and fires it at an enemy, dealing constant damage. The Lance acts like a Tractor Beam, allowing Xashowd to move the afflicted enemy in any direction, damaging any other enemies it comes in contact with.

MP Cost: Initially 1/4 of total MP. MP is steadily consumed during use. AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv. 30


Xashowd gathers his Wind energy around him and creates a tornado that gathers surrounding enemies and continuously damages them.

MP Cost: Initially 1/4 of total MP. MP is steadily consumed during use. AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv. 35

Earth Blast

Xashowd slams his fist into the ground, raising up five boulders and then firing them at an opponent.

MP Cost:25 AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv. 40

Aquos Geyser

Xashowd gathers his Water energy and forces it into the ground, creating 12 water pillars that fire up at enemies, followed by a larger, more powerful one.

MP Cost:75 AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv. 40

Lunar Charge

Xashowd dashes across the field, swinging his weapon and creating shockwaves that damage surrounding enemies.

MP Cost:30 AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv. 40

Rose Whirlwind

Xashowd pulls out a black rose, which creates a barrier of petals that protects Xashowd from damage. It is similar to Aeroaga.

MP Cost: Initially half of total MP. MP is steadily consumed during use. AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv. 45

Kunai Shuffle

When equipped, Xashowd and a foe can activate this attack by use of Reaction Command. Xashowd pulls out two marked Kunai, tossing one to an opponent. Four larger kunai appear in a row between them, covered with different symbols. The opponent must match up four Nobody Symbols in order to win, if they do so, the four Kunai become one and it slashes Xashowd 3 times, dealing major damage. If the opponent makes a mistake, or cannot match the four symbols by the count of 13, they are hit instead.

MP Cost:20 AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv. 45

Absent Void

Xashowd covers the field in darkness and begins firing thousands of Dark Shots at an opponent from every direction. This move can cause massive damage over time, but if an opponent can block all the shots using the Reaction Command Guard the attack will backfire, and Xaashowd will take damage equal to 1/2 of his total HP.

MP Cost: 100 AP Cost:7

Unlocked: Lv. 60


The most powerful energy attack in existence. Xashowd gathers pure energy in his hands and charges it to the count of 13, then releases it in a powerful beam that inflicts massive damage on all enemies it comes in contact with.

MP Cost:All. MP Charge is doubled once after using this attack. AP Cost:10

Unlocked: Lv. 80

Support Abilities


This ability gives Xashowd a chance to obtain a copy of a defeated foe's weapon, if they have one. AP Cost:3

Lucky Lucky

Increases the chance enemies will drop items. AP Cost:5


Increases the amount of HP, MP, and Munny orbs dropped by enemies. AP Cost:4

Centrifugal Spiral

This ability can only be used outside of battle. Xashowd spins his currently equipped weapon above his head and draws in all orbs, munny, and items dropped by defeated enemies.

MP Cost: 10MP AP Cost:2

Elemental Boost

Increases the power of all Elemental Magic attacks (Ex: Fire, Blizzard, etc.). AP Cost:4

Quick Dodge

Allows Xashowd to sprint forward or leap backwards to dodge attacks. It is similar to Quick Run, but stopping is faster so as to leave very little opening to attack.

AP Cost:3

All aforementioned Support Abilities are unlocked at the beginning.

Combo Plus (x0)

Adds an extra attack to ground combos.

AP Cost: 1 per Combo Plus

Obtained: Levels 10, 30, and 50

Air Combo Plus (x0)

Adds an extra attack to Aireal Combos.

AP Cost: 1 per Air Combo Plus

Obtained: Levels 15, 35. and 45

Combo Boost

Makes the finishing blow of a combo as strong as the combined power of the other attacks in the combo.

AP Cost:3

Obtained: Lv.35

Air Combo Boost

Makes the finishing blow of an Aireal Combo as strong as the combined power of the other attacks in the combo

AP Cost:3

Obtained: Lv.38


Drive Forms

Darkness Drive

By using the power of Darkness, Xashowd can enter his Chaos Form. In Chaos Form, Xashowd's weapon automatically switches to the Dark Guillotine Blade and he gains a pair of dark wings. Xashowd's strength is dramatically increased in this form, and some of his attacks are re-named (Ex: Distance Cutter > Dark Rush). Xashowd can glide across the field using this form, and while locked on to an enemy can strafe in a circle around them. Xashowd can also retract his weapon and use a Fire-based magic move set. AP Cost: 5

Unlocked: Lv.40

By studying Sora's powers from afar, Xashowd has been able to make his own versions of Sora's various forms.

Mirror Drive

Similar to Sora's Valor Form, Xashowd gains the use of two weapons in this form, the main difference being that his equipped weapon is copied. Xashowd uses many fast melee attacks in this form, but his magic is nullified. AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv.30

Energy Drive

Similar to Sora's Wisdom Form, Xashowd floats off the ground and fires energy blasts from his weapon instead of using melee attacks. Any weapon related magic abilities (Except Energy Blade) are locked in this form. Xashowd's guard is also different, as he spins his weapon in front of him instead of simply blocking. AP Cost:4

Unlocked: Lv.25

Ultima Drive

Similar to Sora's Final Form, Xashowd's wepon is not only mirrored, but both weapons float of their own accord. Xashowd has mastered this form to the point that he can control the weapons at a distance, and execute attacks upon enemies from afar without moving. AP Cost:7

Unlocked: Lv.60

Remnant Drive

The last and most recent of Xashowd's forms, Xashowd dons Riku's cloak and gains the ability to use Riku's various attacks and weapon. Xashowd is limiited to those attacks, however, and cannot use any of his own attacks or magic abilities. AP Cost:3

Unlocked: Lv.20

Other Forms

Nightmare Form

In Halloween Town, Xashowd takes on the appearance of his Chaos Form. When in Chaos Form in Halloween Town, A purplish-blue aura of Darkness covers him. His attacks don't change in this form.

Aquos Form

In Atlanica, Xashowd's cloak changes into an outfit similar to Riku's Dark Mode, minus the symbol and the white skirt. The outfit is black around the main body and up to the elbows and knees. The rest of it is a neon purple color, and the ends are similar to Xashowd's Chaos Form. Xashowd mostly uses Blizzard, Thunder, and Wind magic in this form, creating a giant icicle that extends from his right and/or left arm for physical attacks.

Panther Form

In the Pride Lands, Xashowd takes the form of a black Panther. He holds his weapon in his tail, spinning around wildly or executing flipping maneuvers to attack enemies. He can also use his claws to attack enemies, usually ramming them.

Data Form

In Space Paranoids, Xashowd's attire doesn't change much. His cloak has lines of dark purple covering it in a manner similar to most Data Forms. His hairstyle doesn't change, either.

Retro Form

In Timeless River, Xashowd's attire changes to that of his original appearance before the Dark Fenrir incident. He wears a black short sleeve shirt and a black, short sleeve leather jacket that is parted down the middle to reveal the shirt. He also wears black jeans, black velcro-strap shoes, and wears black gloves on his hands. Unlike the rest of the world, his eyes retain their crimson color.

-More to be added for other worlds-

Form Appearance

Xashowd's cloak slightly changes appearance for each form:

In Chaos Form, the ends of Xashowd's sleeves and cloak are tatters in a similar manner to Vincent Valentine's cape. The wings have the same form as Cloud's wing from KH1, and when using his fire instead of his sword, the flames have a purpulish-pink color and are always in his hands.

In Mirror Form, there is a silver diamond pattern around the sleeves and the bottom of the cloak. In Energy Form, there is a blue circle pattern, and in Ultima Form, there is a white Nobody Symbol pattern.

In Remnant Form, Xashowd's hood is always up, so his face is hidden from view. As part of using Riku's move set, Xashowd also uses a blue fire version of Riku's Soul Eater.


Other Quotes

Battle Quotes

Start of battle:

  • "I shall not lose!" (In General)
  • "So...I'm not the last..." (When facing a member of LLPPR)
  • "It seems we are fated to fight..." (When facing Raxard)

During battle:

  • "Here!"
  • "He-yaaa!"
  • "Zen!"
  • "Make my day!"
  • "Darkness...Come to me!" (When turning into Chaos Form)
  • "I shall show you...My reflection!" (When turning into Mirror Form)
  • "This...IS the end!" (When turning into Ultima Form)
  • "Dodge THIS!" (When using Slicer Zero)
  • "Time to end this..." (When using Final Zero)
  • "Thirteen blades of devastation!" (When using Zero 13)
  • "Blaze!"
  • "Freeze!"
  • "Lightning!/Thunder!"
  • "Wind, Spiral!"
  • "Water!"
  • "Earth!"
  • "Dark Blossom, Defend!"
  • "Feelin'...Lucky?" (When Giving the opponent the opportnity to use the Kunai Shuffle Reaction Command)
  • "Your Existence is at an end..." (Before using Megalazer)

After Battle

  • "How...can this be...?" (General Loss)
  • "You have expectations..." (Loss against a member of LLPPR)
  • "No...It can't end like this!" (Loss against Raxard)

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