Raxard is the second of the two main characters that I will be using on KHLegacy.

General info

Name:Raxard Elements: Darkness, Fire, Thunder


Raxard's appearance is almost a mirror to Xashowd's. Their physical appearance is the same, but there are differences in hair color, clothing, etc. He has silver hair and blazing Amber eyes. He wear a silver cloak that is parted down the middle to reveal his midsection and the Heartless symbol on his chest (It's in the same place as Ansem the Dark's). He wears black pants, silver shoes and gloves, and his belt is similar to Xashowd's.


Raxard is the name that Xashowd's Heartless has taken. Like Xashowd, he was created differently from most Heartless, and as such has no memory of his past life. After running from his place of creation, he did what most Heartless do for a few years, steal the heart of others. His intelligence rapidly grew until he had the same intellect as Xashowd, and he began to seek a purpose. He eventually fell in with a group of expert assassins, and lived with them for many years, occasionally crossing swords with Xashowd during that time. Raxard has rcently been hired by Lord Kami, not knowing that he will take part in a battle to determine the fate of the worlds.


Raxard's personality is similar to Xashowd's in some ways, but he is very different in others. Unlike Xashowd, Raxard cares little for human lives, and thinks nothing of taking one. He also enjoys fighting, and will take on any opponent, often while smiling. He is often hot-headed, and has a short temper, but he can keep his cool if required.


Raxard's main weapon is his Darkatana, which is his version of Xashowd's Masamune. He also has a pouch with an infinite supply of Kunai.



Distance Cutter- See Xashowd AP Cost:2

Upper Slash- See Xashowd AP Cost:3

Slicer Zero- See Xashowd AP Cost:4

Winder Slash- Raxard targets an opponent, homes in on them, and executes a combo. Equipping Combo Pluses increases the strength of the attack. AP Cost:3

Rapid Slash- Raxard executes a combo upon a targeted opponent at a faster speed. Equipping Combo Pluses increases the strength of the attack. AP Cost:3

Stealth Slash- Raxard warps behind an opponent and slashes them. AP Cost:3

Sonic Blade- Raxard rockets across the field, striking all enemies in his path. Can be chained endlessly as long as Raxard has sufficient MP. MP Cost:15 per use AP Cost:4

Air Sonic- Raxard leaps into the air and continuously slashes his sword, firing blasts of air at enemies. Can be chained endlessly as long as Raxard has sufficient MP. MP Cost:20 per use AP Cost:4

Spin Drive- See Xashowd AP Cost:3

Endgame (Final Zero)

The first half of Raxard's devastating Endgame attack. Raxard Slices through an opponent at high speed four times, then warps above the center of the field and dives down, creating a massive shockwave that heavily damages surrounding enemies. This ability can be equipped seperately from Endgame (Blazing Mayhem). MP Cost:All. If (Blazing Mayhem) is used in conjunction with this attack, MP Becomes Locked until after the battle. AP Cost:5


Catastrophe- Raxard summons Dark meteors to attack enemies. MP Cost:50 AP Cost:4

Dark Maelstrom- Raxard Summons 3 pillars of dark energy that rotate around him for 10 seconds, damaging nearby enemies. MP Cost:30 AP Cost:4

Bolt Wave- Raxard summons vertical bars of lightning that slide across the field at enemies. Can be chained. MP Cost:10 per bolt AP Cost:4

Magna Storm- Raxard summons a giant orb of lightning energy which shoots out four rotating tendrils that damage surrounding enemies for 10 seconds. After that, Raxard tosses the orb at the closest enemy, which creates a shockwave that damages surrounding enemies. MP Cost:100 AP Cost:5

Volcanic Rising- Raxard creates pillars of fire that shoot up from the ground and follow an opponent. MP Cost:75 AP Cost:4

Flight of the Phoenix- Raxard enchants his sword with fire and flies around the field in a manner similar to Cloud's Omnislash, slashing enemies from above and dealing massive damage. MP Cost:100 AP Cost:5

Endgame (Blazing Mayhem)

The second part of Raxard's devastating Endgame attack. Raxard creates a giant fireball that rains down smaller ones on all enemies in the area. If used in conjunction with (Final Zero), Raxard Spin Drives in a circle around the orb. After 20 sconds, the orb creates a massive explosion that heavily damages all enemies in the area. MP Cost:All. If used on its own, MP Charge is doubled once after use. If used in conjunction with (Final Zero), MP becomes locked until after the battle. AP Cost:10


Combo Plus x 3- AP Cost:1 per C.P.

Combo Boost- AP Cost:3

Air Combo Plus x 3- AP Cost:1 per A.C.P

Air Combo Boost- AP Cost:3

Berserk Charge- When Raxard's HP < 30%, he blows away surrounding enemies with a gust of wind, then an aura of power forms around him that increases his Str and Speed by 1.25x. Ap Cost:4

Warp- Raxard quickly creates a portal that allows him to warp around the battlefield and dodge enemy attacks. MP Cost is relative to level (As he gains strength, warping gets easier) MP Cost: Lv.5-20=10 MP per warp, Lv.21-50=5 MP, Lv.51-90=1 MP, Lv.91+= 0 MP.

Fire Boost- Increases the power of Fire-based attacks by 1.25x. AP Cost:4

Thunder Boost- Increases the power of Thunder-based attacks by 1.25x. AP Cost:5

Darkness Boost- Increases the power of Darkness-based attacks by 1.25x. AP Cost:4

Heartless Summon

Raxard can summon various Heartless to aid him in battle. Raxard can summon multiple Heartless, depending on the type and how much MP Raxard has.

NOTE: The Heartless Raxard summons are very different from other Heartless. For one thing, they grant EXP like other Heartless, but it is a set amount. Another, more important, thing of note is that they do NOT drop HP Orbs, MP Orbs, Munny, or special items. Raxard can also summon only one tye of Heartless at a time, meaning he cannot summon a Neoshadow and a NexusShadow at the same time.

Normal Heartless:


Raxard's basic Heartless Summon, they fight using close range attacks.




MP Cost:10 per Neoshadow

Summon MAX:5

Green Requiem

Small green heartless Raxard summons to aid him. They don't fight, but heal his HP on occasions.


Heal:5 HP


MP Cost: 20 per Green Requiem

Summon MAX:3

Silver Wyrm

Silver versions of the Wyvern Heartless that Raxard summons to aid him in battle. Raxard can ride them to dodge various attacks.




MP Cost:30 per Silver Wyrm

Summon MAX:3

Crimson Jazz

Large Magic Heartless that Raxard summons to aid him in battle. They are tougher than most Heartless, and attack with powerful Fire magic.




MP Cost:50 per Crimson Jazz

Summon MAX:2


The more powerful version of the Neoshadow. NexusShadows are very intelligent Heartless that often watch their opponents before striking.




MP Cost:100 per NexusShadow

Summon MAX:2

Boss Heartless Unlike normal Heartless, Boss Heartless take Raxard's place in a battle. Some are used to let him get away from a battle, while others change his fighting style completely. Here is the list of the Boss Heartless Raxard uses.


This Boss takes Raxard's place in a fight. The Trickmaster fights erratically, sometimes attacking, sometimes not. It weilds a pair of blazing clubs.




MP Cost:300 (If used to take his place completely and is not summoned during battle, the cost is 0 (A.K.A. if used for storyline purposes.))


A Massive Heartless that takes Raxard's place during battle. It strikes foes with powerful magic and earth-shattering shockwaves.




MP Cost:500 (When used for storyline purposes, MP Cost is 0)


Raxard's version of Ansem the Dark's Guardian Heartless. When Raxard summons this Heartless, his fighting style changes drastically.


The Phantasm Heartless is essentially a mutant version of the Pokemon known as Darkrai. It's body is a dark blood-red color, with black spikes surrounding the neck area and billowing black smoke for hair. It's glowing eyes are silver, and it's mouth has razor-sharp triangular teeth, similar to the Spider-man character named Venom. It has a small Heart-shaped hole in it's waist.

Phantasm Sprite

A Sprite of Raxard's Phantasm

General Stats

HP:Same as Raxard. (Ex: Raxard's HP=150 >> Phantasm's HP=150)




MP Cost: Mainly used for storyline purposes. If summoned in battle, It costs all of Raxard's MP and loses its "Boss" Category, making it only half as strong.

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