Rikloud - Gunblade
Name Rikloud
Age 17
Type Human
Appearance Rikloud looks like Cloud but with Riku's hair and shirt
Homeworld Constelland
Weapon Gunblade (can dual-wield)
Element none
Faction Light but will work with in between if good cause
Spells none
Drives none
Strength 1st (strong and fast)
Magic 4th (doesn't use it)
Defense 3rd (hard to hit but takes some damage)
Speed 2nd (In combat he can run very fast and swing his blade at high speed)
History Woke up in Hollow Bastion with amnesia left to fight Laxemus
Sample Role-Play Riku's fast short range + Leon's long range

Hi this is my character for the KHL RP but I'm having someone else play it for me because I can't get on the site.


Rikloud lived in Hollow Bastion but had no real memory of his past. Eventually, he got tired of peaceful life in Hollow Bastion and was about to sneak off for an adventure when Laxemus's forces attacked. He fought his way out and got on a ship, determined to stop Laximus's plans. He weilds a Gunblade (and I would like him to get a second one) and doesn't use magic; he has a laid-back personality and loves to make jokes. He is the King of the Heart and Kaidia's twin brother.


Magic Resistance

He is resistant to magic: the weakest spells have no effect, whereas even the strongest spells have little effect, if any.


First book




This starts a few years after Kingdom Hearts II. Laxemus awakens after Xemnas' defeat and brings back a number of villains and starts them on a quest to find the Royalty of the Heart in Hollow Bastion Rikloud awakens with his name being the only memory about himself that he has.

After he meets Leon and Yuffie, who take him to their main base, Rikloud soon gets bored with life there because the heartless no longer appear. He was planning to take a vessel and leave for an adventure, but then on the night he was about to leave a large army of Heartless and Nobodies (led by Laxemus himself) attacks. Rikloud tries to help fight them off and eventually gets to Laxemus. They start to fight and then Laxemus tries to stop him so he could move in for the kill--but for some strange reason, Rikloud was unaffected by the spell. Laxemus then fled leaving Hollow Bastion to his army and Rikloud helps to finish them off.

After the battle Rikloud is chosen to go and stop Laxemus' plans. He leaves and makes a stop in Twilight Town to see if he can find anything useful for his journey. There he meets Vincent, Edge, and Nanaki (called Red by his friends) who want to join him on his quest. He agrees, so the companions leave and arrive at the Spirit Forest world (which follows the story of Brother Bear).

When the companions meet a bear named Kenai who was once a human, they agree to help him find a way to change back.

Meanwhile Laxemus had taken an interest in Rikloud and followed the group to the forest there he met Denahi (Kenai's human brother) and influenced him to chase after the group.

The companions then meet Koda, a bear cub who had lost his way. Deciding to help him get to the salmon run, seeing as it is on their way to their destination. When they reach the salmon run, they talk with the other bears for a while before a revived Larxene attacks and kidnaps Koda revealing him to be one of the Royalty of the heart before she leaves with him.

They fight and she is defeated. The group then goes to the mountain to complete the quest when Denahi attacks. Laxemus runs in and takes Koda again while they are fighting. After the fight, Kenai turns back into a human, but decides to become a bear again to protect Koda. He wants to go with Rikloud's group but they say no because it would attract too much attention, and because he needed to stay on his own world. They leave, telling him that they will find Koda and return him.

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