Laxemus - Hands of Time
Name Laxemus
Age appears 17 actual age unknown
Type Nobody
Appearance Laxemus looks like a 17 yer old boy with short brown hair and blue-green eyes his clothes depend on where he is
Homeworld Unknown
Weapon Hands of Time (two gunblades shaped like the hands of a clock)
Element Time
Faction Appears to be in-between but his true alligence is dark
Spells Time manipulation
Drives None he doesn't need one
Strength 2nd
Magic 1st
Defense 3rd (hard to hit but takes some damage)
Speed 4th (not very fast but his time manipulation more than makes up for that)
History unknown
Sample Role-Play None, as he has a style all his own

Laxemus is a fictional non-canon villain character created by the user Rikloud, and is the antoganist regarding two other non-canon characters: Kaidia and Rikloud.

Laxemus is a master of Time as Luxord is, but is far more powerful and sadistic.


Laxemus is a villan I've created for the fan-fictions I'm writing: in the first one, he is the Nobody of my main character and is not a major villain, or is he minor. In the second he is the main villain.


In the first fan-fiction, he was created when I was killed by a revived Xemnas. Laxemus then joins up with him and the rest of the group, and then messes around in other worlds and is finally fought before the final battle with Xemnas.

In the second, little is known about him. He awoke from a long sleep when Xemnas was defeated and could be even worse than Xemnas. He used his power over time to bring back some Organization XIII members and Maleficent's group--he also finds some newer villans and controls them. Some may hate him, but they can't do anything about it because if they try to attack him, he casts stop on them and if they try to run away he does the same thing. Unlike other villans, he wants a universe filled with nothing but Nobodies. Therefore he doesn't want to control Kingdom Hearts--he wants to destroy it.


As a Nobody, he has no emotions and feels no remorse for his actions. The very definition of pure evil, he uses his power over time along with his gunblades to kill his enemies and even will even slow it down to make his victims suffering last longer while laughing cruelly.


"Don't even try it Xemnas. Even your Nothingness can't stop the power of Time."

"You only put me to sleep that last time because I let my guard down. I assure you that it won't happen again."

"You have no idea what I am capable of."

Battle Quotes

"Your time is up!" (he also uses this outside of battle)

"No time... cannot lose..." (when he's defeated)

"Slowing down are we?" (I will have more quotes from him both inside and outside of battle)


As he has the ability to control time (meaning that he can stop or slow down his opponents), that is his main strategy in battle. However, he can do more outside of battle than otherwise.

13th Hour

This attack is a clock with 13 hours instead of 12 and only has one hand: a hand spins around and randomly hits a number. If it lands on an even number it will heal you, and if it lands on an odd number it will take away half of your health (no matter how much you have. But, even though there are more odd numbers, it is more likely to land on an even).

He doesn't use this attack until his final health bar.

Time Spin

When he uses this attack, he spins around shooting with both of his gunblades, and with every health bar lost he adds a spin.

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