Kaidia - Light Whip
Name Kaidia
Age 17
Type Human
Appearance She has Kairis shirt a green skirt waist length black hair
Homeworld Constelland
Weapon Light Whip (a whip that glows)
Element none
Faction Light but will work with in between if good cause
Spells all kinds
Drives none
Strength 4th (not very strong)
Magic 1st (expert spell weaver)
Defense 2nd (resistant to physical attacks)
Speed 3rd (not very fast but makes up for it with her resistance)
History Woke up with amnesia in Atlantis left with Riklouds group
Sample Role-Play Own style

Kaidia is a fictional non-canon character created by the user Rikloud, and is the twin sister of another original character of the same name.


Kaidia, like Rikloud woke up in a different world with amnesia. She and Rikloud have the exact same personality and belong to the same faction. Other than that, though, they are exact opposites. It is found out in the last fan fiction that she is the Queen of the Heart and Rikloud's twin sister.


Physical Resistance

Kaidia is resistant to physical attacks.

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