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Attitude Borderline psychotic, easily pissed

Hello, my name is MechaUltimaZero. No, of course it isn't my real name, but as far as any of you are concerned, it is. Xiggie and TNE are the only people who should know my real name. Period.

I am also on the regular KHWiki, the FFWiki, Folklore Wiki, and W.I.T.C.H.ipedia. Furthermore, I recently adopted the Buso Renkin Wiki. I am furthermore on more wikis than I can count or care to count at the moment.

And I'm putting this URL here so I can easily find it in the future.

That's right. This one.

My Powers Include The Following....

  1. I created this Wiki, and thus am both an Administrator and a Beaurocrat. This means that I can rollback edits, delete or protect articles, and I can give or retract priveledges from other users.
  2. I have only granted Admin status to two four either users: Troisnyxetienne, Xiggie, ShadowXemnas, and Ultima the High Seraph. Thus, we first three are the KHFWiki's Master Trinity. The other two make us the Master Syndicate.
  3. In all disputes regarding vandalism, you should know only this: you will be caught, and you will be punished for it. On this wiki, there is absolutely zero tolerance for any type of vandalism. And while TNE and Xiggie do have influence on vandal punishment, the final say is mine--my word is Law. And I will show no mercy.
  4. Also because I am an Admin, I can even block users from editing. So if you plan on vandalising this Wiki, understand that your edits will be negated and you will be blocked.

Organization XIII Similarities

I got this idea from my noble ally Nitrous X, who in turn got it from his comrade ENX. Enjoy at your own peril.

  • How I'm like Xemnas- I can, at times, become a complete and total bastard.
  • How I'm like Xigbar- I'm not, really.
  • How I'm like Xaldin- I can be absolutely ruthless in combat.
  • How I'm like Vexen- I consider myself a scientist, and there aren't many things that I'll allow to interrupt my experiments. (Read: if it's legal, I'll probably experiment on it. 'Nuff said.)
  • How I'm like Lexaeus- I'm more of a quiet person than not.
  • How I'm like Zexion- I sometimes enjoy using (or trying to use) people's own thoughts and emotions against them. Not frequently, but it happens.
  • How I'm like Saix- I generally don't care to get involved, but you'd best fear my rage...
  • How I'm like Axel- I tend to be rather laid-back and sarcastic most of the time.
  • How I'm like Demyx- I like music.
  • How I'm like Luxord- I'm fairly adept at card games, and I can be a "subtle smartass" and grammar Nazi.
  • How I'm like Marluxia- I sometimes desire more power, and I can be a very, very manipulative person.
  • How I'm like Larxene- When other people hurt themselves, I have a tendency to laugh.
  • How I'm like Roxas- There are times when it doesn't take much to confuse me.
  • How I'm like Xion- Even if I'm not sure of my own identity, I will never compromise what I stand for. I'm also an extraordinarily badass Keybearer.

Wiki Exec


KHF Wiki Executive User

This user is an Executive User of the KHF Wiki, under the titles of "Creator Knight", "First Knight of Arbitration", "Vandal Breaker", and "Chief Executive User". Thus, I am not someone that you want to mess with. Ever.


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