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Arcana World Swap

Original World Swapped with Based on
Enchanted Dominion Fantasia Final Fantasy
Spiral Canyon Spira Final Fantasy X; Final Fantasy X-2
The World Gaia/Terra Final Fantasy IX
Space Paranoids Cocoon/Gran Pulse Final Fantasy XIII
Beast's Castle Ivalice Final Fantasy XII
Removed Worlds
Disney Castle
Dreaded Drake Tower
Death City



Obtained in Cocoon

Oversoul Description Finisher Obtained
Fomalhaut (フォーマルハウト Fōmaruhauto) Nathaniel leaps in place several times with dual pistols in hand, firing at the target. Brynhildr (ブリュンヒルダ Buryunhiruda): Nathaniel twirls the pistols, now blazing with fire, on his fingers to his sides. He then whips them forward and fires a number of flame shots toward the target. Defeat Brynhildr alongside Sazh.
Rebel Heart (レブル・ハート Reburu Hāto) Zane's fists and feet become enveloped in an ice-blue aura. He dashes forward and relentlessly punches and kicks at the enemy. Penetration (ペニットレイシュン Penittoreishun): Zane slams both fists into the ground, conjuring a wall of ice. He kicks and punches repeatedly until the entire wall shatters, and the shards are sent towards his target. Catch up to Snow and Hope in Palumpolum.
Helter-skelter (ヘルター・スケルター Herutā Sukerutā) Flintlass, in all haste, repeatedly slashes at her enemy with her dual swords, occasionally switching one or both of them to gun mode and firing - the entire process is disorderly and chaotic. Zantetsuken (斬鉄剣): Flintlass builds up strength, sword held to her side pointed back, before dashing past her enemy; the slash appears and deals damage seconds later. Awake after becoming a l'Cie.

Obtained in Spira

Oversoul Description Finisher Obtained
Garment Grid
(リザルトプレイト Rezaruto Pureito)
Flintlass cycles through several different Dresspheres, dealing an attack with each. The next Dressphere is chosen by pressing its corresponding button; the onscreen Legend cycles through with every selection. Depending on the chain of Dressphere attacks, Flintlass can use one of three different finishing Dresspheres along with one of two finishing moves with each;
Floral Fallal (フロラフルル Furora Fururu): Ends in either Aurora Rain or Twilight Rain.
Machina Maw (マキナマズル Makina Mazuru): Ends in either Machina Reactor or Machina Booster.
Full Throttle (斬騎王 Kirikeshiou, lit. Royal Slasher): Ends in either Corpus Invictus or Victor Primoris.
Join the Gullwings on ten missions.
Bushido (ブシド Bushido) Nathaniel slashes mercilessly with his Zanpakuto. As he does, a button will periodically appear in each corner of the screen; the button pressed is up to the player. A total of seven of these choices present themselves. Depending on the buttons chosen, a new string of four possible button combinations appear on screen, which must be pressed in order to execute the finisher.
Dragon Fang (ドラゴンファング Doragon Fangu): Nathaniel thrusts his Zanpakuto into the ground, sending shockwaves of spiritual energy towards the enemy.
Shooting Star (シューティングスター Shūtingu Sutā): Nathaniel dashes forward and deals one slash with the broad side of his blade, sending the enemy careening through the air. Chance of Instant Death.
Banishing Blade (バニッシングブレイド Banisshingu Bureido): Nathaniel lifts his Zanpakuto in the air, coating it in dark energy. He slams it into the ground, causing spheres of dark to bounce off and send themselves toward the enemy.
Tornado (トーネイドー Tōneidō): A column of air surrounds Nathaniel. He holds his Zanpakuto out to the side and spins with it, sending the column towards the foe and transforming it into a tornado. At the last second, Nathaniel pulls a bottle of Nog out of nowhere and tosses it at the tornado, setting it and the enemies inside ablaze.
Fight with Auron.
(ソードプレイ Sōdopurei)
Zane slashes with his Keyblade and kicks at the enemy. As he does, a gauge appears on screen with four different markers where X-button.png must be pressed; the marker where the button pressed is up to the player. A total of seven of these choices present themselves. Depending on the markers chosen, a new gauge will appear with a singular marker. X-button.png must be pressed inside the marker space in order to execute the finisher.
Spiral Cut (スパイラルカット Supairaru Katto): Zane does a 360-degree spin in the air and does a downward slash at the enemy.
Slice & Dice (スライスアンドダイス Suraisu ando Daisu): Zane dashes about the field and deals six attacks at the enemy.
Energy Rain (エナジーレイン Enajī Rein): Zane hops on one enemy and jumps off it into the air; he charges his Keyblade with energy before unleashing beams at the foe, resulting in an explosion.
Ace of Blitz (エース・オブ・ブリッヅ Ēsu obu Burittsu): Zane dashes at the enemy, dealing eight slashes before impaling his Keyblade in the ground and leaping into the air. Shinikage manifests below, tossing up a red-and-black Blitzball for Zane to kick at his opponent with tremendous force.
Defeat Tidus in a sparring match.

Obtained in VIII World

Oversoul Description Finisher Obtained
Renzokuken Shot (连続剣ショット Renzokuken Shotto) Nathaniel draws his Zanpakuto's Shikai and rushes towards the enemy; a gauge appears at the bottom of the screen, nine bars of light sweeping from right to left into a "Trigger Box", in which the right shoulder button must be tapped. With each tap and successive slash, an information box appears indicating Nathaniel has collected some sort of ammo; "Got Shotgun Ammo," for example. A box appears near the top of the screen, flashing "CRISIS LEVEL 4". The finisher used is dependent solely on the greatest number of Ammo "stolen" from the enemy, which is almost entirely at random. Finishers available are Normal Shot, Scatter Shot, Dark Shot, Flame Shot, Canister Shot, Quick Shot, Armor Shot, and Hyper Shot. A quantity of Bullets and a Time gauge appears in the bottom right corner of the screen; the right shoulder button is tapped repeatedly for Nathaniel to fire the bullets as the Time runs out. If all bullets are used before Time runs out, Nathaniel Flash Steps past the enemy with one final slash. Accompany Squall on a mission; engage in a battle with Irvine by your side.
Duel Slot (デュエルスロット Dyueru Surotto)
Wing Magic (ウイングマジック Uingu Magikku)