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Name maggosh
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Home World Earth
Other Residences Karakura Town
Role Moderator
Origin April 25
Age 18
Attribute Light, Darkness
Story Kingdom Hearts: Arcana

I guess I should start with a short bio of myself. If you know where that's from, well, I don't know whether to congratulate you or pity you.

I'm a fan of Kingdom Hearts, but not just that. My interests are spread across the blogosphere. I've got quite a few; if I could limit them to three, they would be a) The Angry Video Game Nerd, b) anime, mainly Bleach, and c) making short movies.

To Do List

  • Expand Story sections
  • Work on top-secret antagonist
  • Work on secret project



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maggosh Disappear! "That's a nice expression."

You're terrified, aren't you?

Sigh...last time using the school's Macs...

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This user is an Administrative User of the KHF Wiki, a user beyond all others, and with a Zanpakutō for a "Clean Sweep" rather than a duster. His titles are as follows: "Nippon Masutā (日本マスター, lit. Japanese Master)", "The True Embodiment of Death", and "First Moderator on KHF Wiki". He is one badass sonuvabitch, and therefore someone that you most assuredly do not want to mess with.