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Real Name My real name is of no importance.
Nickname/Title Master of Epicness
Weapon Keyblades, Lightblades, Fire Swords, swords.
Magic Light, Fire, Sonic.
Limit Break Killsallthebadguys Limit
Role Hero/Keybearer/Light Knight
Hit Nerdy Stuff
Miss Algebra
Theme Song "Forsaken" by Skillet. (My theme changes a lot.)
Quote "I am the Master of Epicness! FEAR ME!!!"
Lightblade25 says...
Kingdom Hearts RULES!

Hey! I'm Lightblade25. I'm pretty new to the whole Wikia thing, so it'd be great if some of you could give me some pointers and help me out with my stuff. As you may have guessed, I'm the creater of Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story and all of its current characters. I look forward to working with and exchanging ideas with you guys!

My talk bubbles

Lightblade25 - "Stupid Heartless, mindlessly collecting those stupid hearts!"
This is my normal talk bubble. I'll use this one in a general discussion.

Lightblade25 - "Grrr! Don't mess with me!"
Gah! This is my angry talk bubble! Don't tick me off!!

Lightblade25 - "Bwahahahahahahaha!!!"
Haha! This is my humorous talk bubble. But am I laughing with you or laughing at you? Oooh!

These talk bubbles were made by LegoAlchemist. (Because I'm not tech-savvy enough to make my own) Thanks, LA!

Random, pointless Stuff about Me

  1. I'm a with it!
  2. I'm a Christian and proud to be one
  3. I believe the KH games are terribly underrated (because their awesome!)
  4. I actually prefer pirates over ninja's (that's why I like Xigbar and One Piece.)
  5. I prefer Heartless over Nobodies. (Dark Thorn can kick Twilight Thorn's butt any day!)
  6. I prefer "fantasy fiction" over "science fiction". (Goblins rule!)
  7. My favorite video game.....duuuuh...Kingdom Hearts...?
  8. I hate "pop" music and believe it's a worse taint than the H1N1 virus!
  9. But I love rock and metal music. (Skillet for the win!)
  10. Contrary to belief, I believe that Avatar isn't the best sci-fi movie ever. (Sue me if you wish, fan-boys...)
  11. ...actually...Lord of the Rings owns Avatar in the face! (Don't get me wrong...I like Avatar.)
  12. My favorite KH quote?....."Rambling? As if...All I'm trying to tell you, traitor, is that your TIME IS UP!!" (Xigbar rocks!)
  13. If I like Xigbar so much, why is Saix on my page instead of him? Cause that pic is awesome! Plus, Saix is my third favorite, after Axel and Xigbar.

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Aros Soul


Argus Soul

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