Moni "Pascal-Kiari" Campbell
Origin Reality (XD)
Alias Pixel, Xid, Di-Axys, Pascal, Sakura, BlackStar, Rixi
Type Vessel of Greed
Role Protagonist
Age 14
Home World Fifth Hope (lolno Earth)
Family Talon, K-chan, Ellis, Winter, Sky, Evny, Silver, DSS, Ribbons, Tipsy, Tokyo, Skittles
Weapon Scythe
Attribute Sand
Status Last time I checked, alive c:

YEAH 900 EDIT!!!!

WHOO HOO! 845 EDIT!!!! (Why do I care...?)

I'm Moni, but you can call me Kiari, Pascal, Sakura, Rixi, or any of my OCs! I made Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance and all the characters featured in it, except the ones already in other franchises.

Stuff To Do


  • All main protagonists
  • Extra characters need journal entries, appearances, exc.
  • All antagonists
  • All worlds
  • Storyline


  • Main pictures for: Xaslamach, Xerena, Zaxer, Amarex, Nexin, and Xid
  • Costumes and forms for everyone


  • Riku
  • Sora
  • Rixa
  • Harlee
  • Death, Doom, and Dread
  • Actual storyline! D:
  • Multiple worlds (Ex. Neopia, Paris, and ToonTown)
  • Marluxia
  • Specific enemy/ nightmare pages


So...... I guess i should start with a background.... The name's Moni Antionette Campbell! I currently live in Monticello, MN, attending the least diverse Middle School in the history of forever (seriously, there are only like two asians and a few mexicans. That's it.). I'm fourteen, with (an actual) family of five. With my 'extended internet family', I have way too many! CX I LOVE RPGs and Adventure games, like Tales of Vesperia, but i HATE first-person shooters like Halo. I really like any games that include many things exploding! (I likies my explosions!) My favorite games of all time are: Sonic Heroes, Final Fantasy X-2 and XIII, Tales of Vesperia, Kingdom Hearts II, Project DIVA, MySims, Xenosaga III, Spyro: Ripto's Rage!, Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragons, and Sonic Riders. Some of my favorite bands/ singers are: Lady Gaga, VOCALOID, DJ Melodie, Far East Movement, The Birthday Massacre, Kyle Landry, Perfume, CryoShell, FripSide, Cascada, Florence and the Machine, Panic! At The Disco, Hachi, Akiakane, SHINee, Super Junior, Piko, Boyfriend, Gackt, Endoh, Lia, T.M. Revolution, and Supercell.

OMG Stuff About Me

If you know any of these, are you stalking me???? I'm watchin' you.... >u<

  • I can recite the Mortal Kombat theme song (Sonya. Jax....) FATALITY.
  • I wear glasses!!

    Rita Mordio sprite!

    (Four-eyes, anyone?)
  • I love to write and read books (Started over 50, finished 0! ono)
  • I took part in the largest Get Down meme in America!
  • I have a DeviantART! Check me out! (I'm Soraishot44)
  • I've beaten KH2 21 times. (I have too much time on my hands! XD)
  • I am currently grounded from anime for the rest of my life living with my parents! (Woooo.)
  • My favorite color is Yellow
  • Despite our city policies, I WANT A LLAMA.
  • I LOVE RAINBOWS. (All the way cross the sky~)
  • I believe that real men have pink hair, are mainly associated with flowers, wear eyeliner, have a sword that's bigger than them, wear earings, and look sexy while doing all of that. (I think Marly fills all of those requirements, nya~ c:)


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