Kana 記憶の鍵 (Kioku no Kagi, lit. 'Key of Memory')

記憶 (Kioku, lit. 'Memory' or 'Remember')

Origin Real World (EST)
Alias Remembrance, Memory, Kioku, 'Kioku-chan', Keyblader, Mugen-Koyuki-Chii (, theInsaneAngel (
Type Human (female♀)
Role Protagonist
Age 20
Home World Memory's Skyscraper (lol)
Family Father, Mother, Older Sister, and Older Brother
Weapon Pencil and Paper
Status Alive
"Believe in your dream."

About Me: KeyofRemembrance

I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan! I love all the KH games! I've was inspired by KH ever since I was a young lass of 12-13 years old. I've played KH, CoM, RE:CoM, KHII, and KH:BbS. I'm planning on playing Re:coded, 358/2days, and KH3D. I've read KH manga Volume 1-4, KH:CoM manga Volume 1&2, and I'm waiting on more KH2 manga Volumes; I've read KH2 Volume 1&2. I'm planning on reading the KH Novels, too.

  • Favorite KH Character: Riku, (Ventus, Terra, Sora, Kairi, Axel, etc...)
  • My Favorite KH Game is... All of Them! (KH1 and so on)

I speak English only', but I know a little Spanish, French, and Japanese. Someday, I want to go to Japan! I love learning Nihongo (a.k.a. "Japanese"). Below are some Kingdom Hearts Japanese quotes, I found in the "Deep Dive" video, Kingdom Hearts Wiki and some others. I used the Google Translate and Animelab[1] to help me translate them into movable words. They read in both Romaji and English as... (#4 below)

My Kingdom Hearts Goals

Stuff to Do (Expanding)

  • Adding Protagonist
  • Add Journal Entries, appearances, etc.
  • Adding Antagonist
  • Adding Worlds
  • Storyline



  • Riku and forms
  • Adale's forms
  • Sora and forms
  • Aden
  • Kairi and forms
  • And so on..

Kingdom Hearts Quotes

Quotes from the Kingdom Hearts games...

"Keyblade... Keyblade... Keyblade..."

—Mysterious Voice (KH)

"Where's Sora?"「ソラは何処だ?」"Sora ha doko da?", lit. "Where is Sora?"

—Riku/Roxas (it's mainly Unknown) ~ KH2

"We'll go together."「一緒に行こう」"Isshoni iko u", lit. "Let's go together"

—Sora (from AS,AS / said in KH2)

"Sora... Why?"「ソラ...なぜ?」"Sora... Naze?"

—Riku/Roxas (but it's mainly Unknown ~ KH2)

"Got it Memorized?"「記憶したか?」"Kioku shitaka", lit. "Do you remember?"

—Axel (KH2)
"Étrange." / "Strange." —Pence (unsure)

"L'an prochain, on essaiera d'aller à la plage, hein?" / "Next year we'll try to go to the beach, eh?"

—Olette (I think it's Olette. I translated it from French to English with Google Translate)

"Neither suits me. I'm taking the middle road." / "No. It's the road to dawn."'

—Riku (CoM)
"Do you mean the twilight road to nightfall?" —DiZ (CoM)
"A far-off memory, that's like a scattered dream. A scattered dream, that's like a far-off memory. I want to line the peices up. Yours and Mine."

—Sora (KH2)

—Kingdom Hearts "Japanese" Quotes

KH Screen Shots

Axel and Roxas flying over to Neverland with London's clocktower in the background. This picture is from the KH: 358/2 days novel.

a calender from KH: 358 / 2 days novel.

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