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Type Human
Age 14
Home World Earth
Family Don't need to know
Weapon My fists
Attribute Dancing ;D
Status Alive

Stuff you should know

14 going on 15 This user is 14 going on 15 years old.

Favorite Movies!

Disney/Marvel/Pixar and so on...

  • Tangled
  • Frozen
  • Wreck-it Ralph
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Toy Story Trilogy
  • Brave
  • Cinderella

Fave Couples!!!!!!!!


Sora x Kairi (They should be a couple!!!!!!!!!!!)

Aladdin x Jasmine

Phoebus x Esmeralda

Roxas x Namine

Axel x Xion

Tarzan x Jane

Buzz Lightyear x Jessie

Bo Peep x Woody

Simba x Nala

Robin Hood x Maid Marian

Kovu x Kiara

Tiana x Naveen

Rapunzel x Flynn Rider

Final Fantasy Couples

Zack or Cloud x Aerith or Tifa

Leon x Rinoa

Yuffie x Tidus

Selphie x Wakka

Characters I ship!!!!!!!

Jim Hawkins x Xion (Jion)

Wreck-it Ralph x Elsa the Snow Queen (Icebreaker)

Talk Bubbles

Hiro Action Render.png
Hiro Hamada - Full thrust!
TALK - 5:38 p.m. EST
Don't blame me for being a Big Hero 6 fan...

Fanfics in session!!!

To-Do List

Disney Characters' Nobodies



Special Notice

I'm gonna need some help with my KH Heartache pages, the pages I followed are the ones I made (well, except the user pages and the template ones). So if you have any ideas, please post them on my talk page.

Thanks and have a rockin' day!

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