I like kingdom hearts. its potrayal of persons as combinations of abstract elements creates plenty of room to create interesting charchters and scientific concepsts.

Im also a second class executive assitant responsible for account management for The League of Abstraction

I Tend to write as fast as i can and i don't usualy have the patience to just stop and look over my work. this is why my work can ocasionaly look messy.

im taking a wiki break.

schools kicked into high gear so i need to focus on that . im gonnna be scarce for a while.

progress in story

I am currently attempting to figure out who will be in castle oblivion when it is seiged, as soon as i come up with this I will resume progress.

things i am familiar with

for the purpose of familiarity i will tell you what i am familiar with.

Video games

  • kingdom hearts
  • various nintendo series of games, to be specific, mario, legendo of zelda, metroid, and pokemon
  • Half life and its various spin-offs and sequals
  • Halo, (first game only)
  • bioshock
  • Crysis


  • Dragon ball series
  • naruto - never got into shupidan
  • shaman king- lost intrest halfway through
  • Full metal alchemist- have not finished
  • Rozen maiden- because of its inhearent relationships to the"desu" meme

other things

I am interested in final fantasy because of its relationship to kingdom hearts, and because of 8-bit theater.

  • science, espicialy theroreticle physics,biology, and psycology.
  • game desighn therory, I understand how games are suposed to work and have a good sense of balance and mechanichs. However I don't have any programing skills or artistic skills to back it up.
  • I am familiar with various internet memes and 4-chan humour, this knoledge stems from my reading of encyclopedia dramatica, a very funny site but dont go there if your easily offended.


  • The Inhearitance cycle by Cristopher Paolini
  • Many of the collaborations of Preston and Child.
  • One Flew Over the Cuckos Nest
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Music interests

Classical, Non Lyrical, dead language lyrical songs (like latin), video game sound tracks

Songs that have lyrics but are still enjoyable

  • Still alive, by GLaDOS
  • most songs that are accosiated with memes, with one |notable exception

source of news

NPR, Yahoo's home page headlines, and the daily show/colbert report.



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Foutlet a.k.a. DiZ! "I'm afraid that any world you try to create... Any world of yours... would be an empire of ignorance. That is why you and your creation are destined to fall!"

King Mickey, my friend, forgive me! Farewell!



I have a feeling that what im failing to do is incredibly simple and worthy of an epic facepalm.

Birth by sleep

Since I have no intention of shelling out 160 dollars for a psp/game im just going to read the essential information and watch the videos. Ive taken a look at the spoilers and to my joy square managed to make several additions that will be conveineient to my story


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