Castle Oblivion KHCOM
Keyblade Kingdom Key
Home World Castle Oblivion Logo KHCOM2
Now Residing Earth
Birthday June 13
Title "The Key to Nothingness"
Ally(s) Nobodies
Quote "Are you angry? Do you hate me? Then, take that rage, and direct it at the Heartless!"

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CoMSora This user is male.
14 This user is 14 years old.
Wiki This user has been an editor of the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki since August 2010.
54 So far, DarkPuppet13 has made 54 edits to this Wiki! This user is a huge fan of Code Lyoko and is very proud for loving this T.V. show.
KH-Crown This user edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.
Internet-explorer This user contributes using Internet Explorer.
Otherfran This user's story contains characters from a completely different franchise!
Crew This user tends to work behind the scenes.
OwenMug This user wonders what will happen to him now.
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