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Dominion of the Unity Islands
Origin Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (as Sand Island)
Capital Sand Island (Provincial Capital)
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Head of State Supreme Commander Reo A.C. Hamilton (Interim Wartime Leader)
Head of Government {{{headofgovernment}}}
Government Parliamentary Republic
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Formation 58 DC
Dissolution N/A
Independence Date N/A
Annexation Date N/A
Stories Unsungverse

Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy
Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War
Kingdom Hearts: Into the Dusk

Theme Music Wardog
Battle Music Open The War
Party Member Erieste Otsdarva

The Unity Islands is a world featured in Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy. This world is based on Sand Island from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (and by extension, Midway Island). It is the homeworld for both Erieste Otsdarva, his son Raven, and until her passing, his wife Charlotte. It is also the location where Hal resided after the Lucidian War.



There are 3 Islands that make up the Unity Islands, Cape Island is the largest of the three islands. It became the site for the Unity Islands Military Base by the time of Into the Dusk. Construction of the base began immediately after the fall of Destiny Islands on October 1, 0109 DC and despite a battle being fought in the area 4 days later, construction was hastely completed by October 10th. The Base itself consists of 4 Hangers, containing Gummiblock-made vehicles, including Gummi Ships, Anti-Aircraft Artillery, and Air-to Ship Missiles. The Control Tower and Headquarters is located on the side way leading up to the main runway. The only other point of interest here is Raven's home, which is located by the beach on the south side of the island.

Sand Island is the Middle Island of the three, and is the location of the Government Building. However, since the attack put Reo Hamilton as Interim Head of Unity Islands, the capital seat is at Unity Island Military Base in Cape Island. Sand Island is the only urban-type civilization on the islands, and the majority of the people live there. Those who don't are usually people who wants to avoid the city life, like the Otsdarvas, or recently, are members of the military.

Gigantor Island is the smallest of the three Unity Islands, and outside of a few shacks, there is no notable places on the island itself. However it is a famous tourist destination due to Gyre Lagoon, on the East Side of the Island. (Shown in the Top Picture)


  • Gigantor Island is named after Gigantor, a minor Yuktobanian Ace from the First Mission of Ace Combat 5.