Kana ???
Romaji Umbrae
Japanese Sanguinia
Origin Kingdom Hearts: In the Heart Of The Celestial Realm
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist/Player Character (you can control her in-game)
Age around 15-16-17-18 (her aging stopped)
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Home World The Celestial Realm
Other residences Land Of Departure/Destiny Islands/Twilight Town/Traverse Town
Weapon Keyblades (Dreamshade)
Attribute Illusion, Space, Time
Status Alive/Active
English Voice Kari Wahlgren
Japanese Voice Chisa Yokoyama

Umbrae is the Keyblade Witch, the OC (CarlFernandez or CPanda8) She is the one of the four main protagonists. Like Sanguia, she can over-boost fly, to expend Focus, D-Link and MP, and Drive gauges.

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