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Romaji Arutoron
Origin Avengers #54 (July, 1968)
Type Robot
Role Villain
Home World Earth
Family Hank Pym (Creator in comics)
Tony Stark (Creator in MCU continuity)
Attribute Ultron Virus
Status Destroyed
English Voice James Spader

Ultron is a megalomaniacal robot overlord bent on human extinction under the guise of "saving the world", and an extremely deadly adversary to the Avengers.

Ultron a.png


  • Ultron is similar to Sigma, that they are robotic supervillains who despise humans and have spare bodies for their minds to inhabit if their current ones are destroyed.
  • His description of Tony Stark as a "sickness" in Avengers: Age of Ultron would finally be fulfilled through the latter's characterization in Marvel VS Super Sentai.