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Alias Sorceress Extreme
Type Sorceress
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Unknown
Weapon None; Magic
Attribute Time
Status Alive

Ultimecia is a major antagonist in the third story arc of Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos. She acts as a mental tormentor to Xyla, causing extreme deterioration of the mind in her attempts to possess the young Nobody. Doing so would further her in achieving ultimate Time Compression, the sense that she would absorb Xyla's Time abilities, increasing Ultimecia's power even more. She first appeared in Final Fantasy VIII.



Weeks before Kingdom Come's fateful battle with the Forgotten Revolt, Ultimecia was wandering the blank corridors of Castle Oblivion.


Wrathful and cruel, Ultimecia has no regard for the safety of anyone but herself. Her desire for power takes root in her intense drive for self preservation.


  • Her title of "Sorceress Extreme", having never been attributed to her before in official material, is a reference to her final battle theme, and a semi-reference to Dr. Strange being called the "Sorcerer Supreme".
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