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Ultima Weapon
Ultima Weapon (KH:SoE)
"The ultimate Keyblade. Its elegant beauty hides its awesome powers, which are healthily balanced."
Strength Magic
+7 +7
Anthony DiNotte, Lily Marina, and Alexis LaReine
Auto Assault
Synthesize from various materials, including the Ultima Fragments

The Ultima Weapon is one of three "end-game" Keyblades available to all three protagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. It has an elegant design and balanced Magic and Melee capabilities.


The Ultima Weapon has a long blade which is adorned with a golden filigree in a pattern like a net or rays of light. The guard is made up of more filigree, which fade from gold to light blue, and the hilt is royal blue. The blade is, in fact, the Dream Sword from Sora and Roxas' Awakenings, and the teeth of the Ultima Weapon are a stylized heart with a crown set into it. The keychain is a small white gem with more golden filigree on it.


While not the strongest in terms or Magic or Strength boosts, it does have the most balanced boosts of the three end-game Keyblades when compared to Twilight Crossroads (+5/+9) and Naught Becomes Whole (+9/+5). This makes it a favorable choice for people who prefer a style of combat that tennds to flow between magic and melee.

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