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Ultima Fragment
Name Ultima Fragment
Type Key item
Obtained Various Places
Item Rank S++
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price N/A

The Ultima Fragments are a set of pieces from the broken keyblade, Ultima Weapon. Each fragment is in-and-of itself powerful and invaluable to the possessor, but only the Moogles can reforge it into the glory it once was.


  • Atlantica - "Ultima Teeth" is found in a secret chest only accessible after beating the world and returning
  • Imperial Terraces - "Ultima Blade" is found in a chest hidden in Yzma's Secret Lab
  • Disney Town - "Ultima Guard" is given to you by Mickey
  • Enchanted Dominion - "Ultima Hilt" is found in a chest hidden in Maleficent's Throne Room

Making Ultima Weapon

In order to actually remake the Ultima Weapon, you'll need to bring all four fragments to thee main Moogle Shop in Disney Town. Along with the fragments, the Moogles will give you a list of four other items to bring to them to complete it. They are:

  • "The essence of knowledge in the number of truth." = 5 Lucid Crystals (T-R-U-T-H = 5 Letters, and lucidity is another word for awareness or knowledge)
  • "Peace made real in the days of a week." = 7 Serenity Crystals (7 days in a week, and serenity is a state of peace)
  • "Chaos incarnate in his own devilish number." = 6 Chaos Crystals (666 is "the devil's number" and there are such things as Chaos Crystals, so...)
  • "Perfection made real in an organized number." - 13 Orichalcum+ (13 members in the Organization, Orichalcum+ is the rarest (and thus, most "perfect") material known. Of course, since you'll only end up finding 7, you'll also need an Energy Crystal to finish it)

Once all the necessary materials are brought to the Moogles, they will work their synthesis voodoo and make you the most awesome weapon you could wish for. That aside, it is beaten in Magic by the Twilight Crossroads Keyblade and in Strength by the Naught Becomes Whole Keyblade.

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