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Ulmia Dark
Name Ulmia Dark
Kana アルミアダーク(Arumia Dāku)
Original Fanon Darkness and Light
Alias Ulmia
Empress of Darkness
Type Human
Alignment Evil
Age 41(Actual)
21(Appearance wise)
Rival Yami Dark
Weapon Katana
Attribute Darkness
"A tyranical scientist who seeks to disrupt the Balance between Light and Dark."

Ulmia Dark is a character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts who originated from Darkness and Light. She fights against Riku and the Heroes of Light he summoned to counter Dark Sora, with Yami Dark as her rival. Despite publicly declaring her loyalty to Dark Sora on several occasions, she has stated she has the ulterior goal of usurping him to several others, including Yami and Bradley.


Ulmia has long dark green hair that extends roughly half way down her back, bright yellow eyes and mildly tanned skin. Opposed to her original design she wears what appears to be a skin tight black body suit with gold trim around her shoulders, and ankles. Over this she wears an open black travelling cloak with a stylized gold heart on the back. Her alternate outfit has her wearing a white button up blouse and black dress pants with a white labcoat that has two hip height pockets and a dull gold trim along the edges in addition to a gold stylized heart on the back.



Ulmia is known as the Sorcerous Nobel and relies on powerful Magic spells, many of which are infused with Darkness, and has only one physical attack. She has more HP attacks than Brave attacks, however her Brave attacks do slightly more damage than normal.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Firaga Ground Default Ulmia launches a Fireball that has slight homing functions. Deals Fire damage
Blizzaga Ground Level 5 Ulmia hurls a large chunk of Ice at the enemy. Deals Ice damage
Thundaga Aerial Default Ulmia rains several Lightning bolts down around her. Deals Thunder damage.
Shadow Grip Ground Level 14 Ulmia causes the shadows under the enemy to attack them. Guarantued hit, however can be interupted.

HP Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Blizzard Barrage Ground Default Ulmia creates several large chunks of ice which she then hurls at the enemy. Deals Ice damage.
Dark Firaga Ground Level 8 Ulmia fires a large fireball infused with Darkness that homes on the enemy. Deals Fire and Dark damage
Black Lightning Aerial Default Ulmia rains several black lightning bolts around her. Deals Thunder and Dark damage
Aeroga Aerial Level 12 Ulmia generates a powerful wind around her. Deals Wind damage
Black Blade Ground Level 24 Ulmia swings at the enemy with her katana sheated. In EX Mode this attack deals double damage.
Forbidden Ground Level 32 Ulmia holds out her right hand and creates a symbol in the air that fires several orbs of magic that home on the target. In EX Mode she instead holds out her left hand.

Brave to HP Attacks

These are attacks obtained from mastering other attacks.

Move Type Chains from Description
Fire Bomb Ground Firaga Ulmia causes a small explosion around the Fireball. Deals Fire damage.
Icicle Burst Ground Blizzaga Ulmia causes the Ice to grow several spikes and stick to the enemy, dealing damage over time. Deals Ice damage.
Thunder Vortex Aerial Thundaga Ulmia causes several more lightning bolts to strike the enemy. Deals Thunder damage.

EX Mode

Forbidden Knowledge

Ulmia draws her katana and coats herself in an aura of Darkness. While active she takes 1/4 damage from all magic based attacks, her magic based attacks deal 1.35 times as much damage, and she adds a 3 hit combo from her katana dealing HP damage at the end of all her attacks, rushing towards the enemy if she used a long range one. Both Regen and Haste are active during this time.

Dark's Ultima

Ulmia traps the enemy is a sphere of magic before casting five -ga level spells (each time it is a randomized selection) during which five button prompts come up. If all are hit Ulmia finishes by raising her left hand and summoning a medium sized ball of black energy which she then throws causing a large explosion. If at three to four are hit Ulmia simply causes a large explosion, and if zero to two are hit she instead uses a powered up Dark Firaga.




  • Interestingly enough despite claiming several times that she has a "special someone" she has on several occasions acted provacativly towards Bradley and Nathaniel.

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