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Twinleaf Town
Origin Pokémon
Stories Destiny to Come
Party Member Luvre



Twinleaf Town is the first area introduced in Destiny to Come.


The first area introduced is Lake Verity. You than get to the Verity Lakefront as you go further, you get to Route 21. Route 21 is the major grassland area between Lake Verity and Twinleaf Town. The areas in Twinleaf Town are Ralor's Home, where you can always find Ralor's mother, Luvre's Home, the home of the trio, the Item shop, and the School.


Twinleaf Town first appears in Introduction and it is heavily featured. It doesn't make any other appearance in the game although it is usually mentioned by the trio or the antagonists, heavily. At the end, Twinleaf Town is restored, Luvre releases his heart to save Dydédemi from the Unknown, Joyeux's heart is sealed within Soradatu.


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