Twin Lance
(ランスオブスリット Ransu obu Suritto)
Twin Lance
"A gunblade forged from the darkness of Heartless.
Gives a great attack upgrade."
Strength Magic
+8 +1
Fated Circle
Defeat Groundshaker

Twin Lance is a weapon used by Lexaln in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. It is obtained after defeating Groundshaker.


Twin Lance has the barrel of Lexaln's default weapon, Revolver. It differs from there, though; the hilt is a grey flame-like simulation, and the blade is also dark grey with a border of a lighter grey. The blade has a slit in it, dividing it in two, earing its name.


Twin Lance's ability Fated Circle gives Lexaln a new attack, for which the ability is named. It generates a ring of fire around him, blasting away all other enemies.

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