Twilight Town
Twilight Town KHCOM
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004)
Stories Kingdom Hearts III (Master ventus)
Theme Music The Afternoon Streets
Battle Music Working Together
Party Member None

Twilight Town is the second playable world in Master ventus's Kingdom Hearts III the first being Dive to the Heart which only plays as a tutorial level. Chronologically the order of which character's visiting the world are Riku, Sora and Kairi, similar to Kingdom Hearts II there is a magical train that sends you to Mysterious Tower where Yen Sid lives.


Riku's Scenario

Riku is the first to visit Twilight Town out of the three, after Riku is declared Keyblade Master by Yen Sid he promises that he will prevent Master Xehanort from returning before its too late. Before Riku starts out his quest he decides to visit Twilight Town for a bit of training. After taking the magical train from Mysterious Tower to get to Twilight Town, Riku meets up with Hayner, Pence and Olette who have just been let out of school because of summer vacation and are heading to the struggle tourtament, Riku finds the struggle tourtament would be a great way to train for his battle with Xehanort so he comes to the Sandlot with them, then Riku meets Seifer, Rai and Fuu and challenges them to a three on one struggle match. Next Riku goes to Sunset Hill where he is reunited with Joshua, Shiki, Beat and Rhyme who appear to not know who Riku is, So Riku returns to the Mysterious Tower where King Mickey still along with Yen Sid and his friend Merlin. Merlin is helping Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather teach Lea how to master the keyblade so he can train to be a keyblade weilder, King Mickey decides that he would like to travel with Riku just like he did back in Castle Oblivian. Before leaving Merlin tells Riku that he has a new story book of the Hundred Acre Woods and he would like Riku to send it to Radiant Garden if he ever visits that world on his quest.

Sora's Scenario

Sora is the second to visit Twilight Town, Sora runs away from Yen Sid after he orders Sora not to visit the Realm of Darkness and rescue his friends. Since Sora wasn't able to summon a keyblade glider or find a gummi ship, he used the magical train that leads to Twilight Town, when he gets to Twilight Town he reunites with Pence who was on his way to the clocktower after leaving the struggle tourtament. But Pence realizes there are more seven wonders after the heartless have began to attack Twilight Town.

Kairi's Scenario



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