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Twilight Town
Twilight Town KHCOM
Origin Kingdom Hearts II's version of Twilight Town
Stories Kingdom Hearts: For True Story
Theme Music The Afternoon Streets
Battle Music Working Together
Party Member None

Twilight Town is a minor world that appears briefly in two chapters of Kingdom Hearts: For True Story. Those two parts are also the only times any residents of Twilight Town are seen.

Kingdom Hearts: For True Story Plot Significance

Minor Appearance

Twilight Town first appeared in Chapter 20 when three residental kids were playing Struggle until a light portal opened up, causing many Unversed (mistranslated as Universed) to come out and attack the peaceful city. However, at the close of the Fight For Destiny Islands, the Unversed all disappeared, causing Hayner to exclaim he fought them off with his Struggle bat. Another kid soon came onto the scene (along with his two subordinates) and mocked the skills of Hayner, before challenging him to a Struggle fight.


Although Twilight Town is a large city and the Clock Tower is seen briefly during when Axel was eating ice cream and stumbled upon a Xion Report, the Sandlot is the only other place specified, although the Tram Common section was alluded to whenever Axel was thinking about his completed mission of locating Organization Emblems.



  • Twilight Town shares the same "cameo-like" trait of appearing in KH:FTS with the worlds of Agrabah and Beast's Castle.

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