Twilight Crossroads
(ハクメイ フケツダン Hakumei Fuketsudan (lit. "Twilight Indecision"))
Twilight Crossroads
"A Keyblade made from both Light and Darkness. It greatly speeds up the recovery of MP."
Strength Magic
4 8
MP Hastega
Return to the Keyblader's Library with all the X Reports

Twilight Crossroads is a bonus Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. It can be wielded by all three protagonists.


Twilight Crossroads has a very angular design, with the shaft of the blade transitioning directly into the hilt; both are a gray-white color. the cross guard extends farther up the shaft than the hilt, and is made from wisps of nothingness like those conjured by the Twilight Thorn or Xemnas. The teeth are black and free-floating, as well as extremely sharp. In the center of the head of the Keyblade is a dark sphere.

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